Guangzhou, China 28.-31. 03. 2025

2020 Exhibitor Testimonials

  • Hardware, Components and Fittings

    Bai Fu Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Yang Tianyu
    Although the number of participants this year is lesser than in previous years, it is much better than expected. The interzum series of exhibitions are well known internationally, and we mainly target international customers, so we insisted on coming to exhibit. The pandemic has had a great impact on us, so we have also launched some new products, such as touch-free unlocking products as a countermeasure. We believe that the future trend of the industry is to gravitate towards smart products and technology.

    Koyo China Co., Ltd.
    Ms. Song Ziwei

    This is our first year participating as exhibitors, and we have always been visitors in the past. Visitor traffic this year is relatively lesser, but the impact of the pandemic on our company is not great. The standard of the attendees at interzum guangzhou is very high and we’ve met a lot of interested buyers.

    Samet Kalip ve Madeu Esya Saniyi VE Ticaret A.S.
    Ms. Lu Yuner

    This is our second participation in the exhibition. The number of visitors is a little lower than in previous years, but the overall effect is much better than expected. Numerous people have dropped by to make enquiries. In the past, we mainly focused on the European market, so we participate in interzum in Germany every year, but in fact, the China market has a lot of potential, so we are here.

    Mr. Wu Wei

    This year is our third time exhibiting at interzum guangzhou. The number of visitors is less than in previous years, but this is all expected. We insist on coming to the exhibition because we want to expand our customer base. The potential of the China market is particularly great, so we attach great importance to it and have also brought with us new products to the exhibition.

    Suspa (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Chen Lin

    This is the sixth time that we are here as an exhibitor. I think the popularity of the event has increased this year. Generally, we would choose one or two exhibitions to participate in each year. Through our peers, we have learned that interzum guangzhou is a goldmine. It is true that the quality of buyers here is rather high. Several big customers are here and the overall results have been good. The impact of the pandemic on us is quite huge. For the first half of the year, we mainly spent time and energy to improve the competitiveness of our products and prepare for the recovery in the second half of the year. In terms of products, we mainly distribute to the custom furniture segment. We mainly target domestic customers, and we will continue to participate in the exhibition next year.

  • Wood Products and Adhesives

    Henkel (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
    Dr. Rajat Agarwal
    Global Head of Lifestyle at Henkel Adhesive Technologies
    We saw quite a significant slowdown in the months leading up to April. However, we also saw very fast recovery of the China market. And the big change that we've seen on consumers is their focus on higher quality in all the products. I’m impressed with the number of exhibitors and the level of attendance is very healthy. The exhibition is extremely well organized and clean. Being at this interzum is very inspiring. It really offers a one-stop shop for everybody who wants to focus on the Asia-Pacific market, so I’m very pleased to be here.

    Bio-Circle Surface Technology Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Richard Jia

    The buyers I met yesterday are actually very knowledgeable. Our market share in Russia and Eastern Europe is not large, so we also want to explore the market there. During the discussion with a buyer, we found out that we could offer them more in areas that they haven’t even thought of, so we’ve made an appointment for a video conference later to talk about our cooperation. I think there are more opportunities here than we had initially thought, so I hope that the organizer can continue to do a good job. I feel great.

    Mr. Tomas Inciarte Otegul
    Commercial Department

    We have been exhibiting here numerous times and are very happy with the number and caliber of buyers this year. We target mainly the domestic market. Domestic sales have declined somewhat this year, but I believe it will pick up in the second half of the year.

    H. B. Fuller (China) Adhesives Limited
    Mr. Tan Feng

    This is the fifth time we have participated in the exhibition. Due to the pandemic this year, visitor traffic is less than in previous years. However, those who turn up are high-quality customers. The exhibition is well defined and customers are also very distinctive. We are very satisfied with this year's event, and don't think there are any shortcomings.

    French Timber
    Mr. Gao Yuan

    We basically participate in the interzum guangzhou every year. Although we are affected by the pandemic this year, the information we’ve collected is much better than we thought. Our members are all in France and there is no way for them to participate in the exhibition, especially those that do not have sales agents in China. In order to deal with this special situation, our local sales personnel have been dispatched. This has also allowed them to better communicate with the customers to gain a deeper understanding of their needs.

    Quebec Wood Export Bureau
    Ms. Cai Juanzhi

    We are a loyal exhibitor of interzum guangzhou. Our target customer group is relatively wide, and China accounting for about 50%. Compared with other countries, China's demand for solid wood is higher with increasing environmental consciousness. So the prospects are worth looking forward to.

  • Materials for Upholstery and Bedding

    Bodet & Horst Textiles (Jiaxing) Co., LTD. Mr. Ou Ning General Manager
    Most of the domestic customers have turned up at the exhibition but as we have many foreign customers, it is a pity that they are unable to be here. This year’s participation is actually quite rewarding. In fact, the pandemic did not have much impact on our industry. Instead, it has grown. The mattresses in shelter hospitals at home and abroad are destroyed after they are used; so many manufacturers are working overtime to produce replacements. Our industry is very stable and thriving with many factories still buying up new machinery models and equipment.

    Lien A Co., Ltd Mr. Wang Yi
    We have participated in interzum guangzhou six times. In the past few years, we have been focusing on the China market and are seeking to establish a latex evaluation system locally to educate and help consumers identify what is good latex.

    Richard Pieris Natural Foams Ltd. Mr. Huang Mingqiao
    This is our third time participating in this exhibition. We are very thrilled with the event and the services provided by the organizer. There are many domestic latex brands but the industry does not have a good set of standards for testing and certification in China. The pandemic has also caused some impact to our company. The domestic market is relatively better, but the export business has been greatly affected.

    Ersan Madeni Esya Saniyi VE Ticaret A.S.
    Mr. Mesut Yalniz
    Sales & Operations

    “I am new here at interzum guangzhou and have to say I will not attend any other exhibitions in China. I will stay with interzum guangzhou, as it’s enough for me. My target visitors whom I’ve also met at the show are mostly from Australia, New Zealand, South America, the Middle East, Thailand and Vietnam. All in all, I spoke with around 50 visitors.”

  • Machinery for Upholstery & Bedding / Pneumatic Components

    LINAK (Shenzhen) Actuator Systems Ltd.
    Mr. Simon Jenkinson

    The show is busier than I actually expected it to be, and there are more people here than I thought. I am meeting many of our old friends here whom we haven’t seen for a long time and catching up with existing customers. It’s much busier than we expected, so I’m happy. I think the office furniture market, particularly in China, is extremely exciting. We have seen a lot of energy going into our industry in particular, which has grown five times in the last 7 to 8 years. Consequently, we think it’s more focused now on economy and value. In the past, it was more about exporting and the export markets in America and Western Europe, but today, increasingly and very excitingly, we begin to see the same focus on China. This is especially so in banking institutions, the high-tech sector and the government. So it’s actually a very exciting time and we anticipate the recovery in China to be very quick. And hopefully the growth will continue on. If you could make it, you should be here because it’s a good place to visit. You will see a lot of different brands and it’s always good to catch up with fellow industry leaders and we are excited to be part of it.

    Mrs. Jenny Wong
    Sales Manager

    We saw a marked increase in footfall on the second day. The number and quality of exhibitors are in line with our expectations. Our participation this year has given us a lot of confidence and we are still very confident in the long run. I believe there will be good development next year. The China market is very attractive to us. We are exhibiting here for the second year and are also expected to invest here next year. From the quality of customers, we think this exhibition is very professional and the market potential is also very huge.

    ITALIANA Ferramenta
    Ms. Angela Wu
    Marketing Consultant

    The number of visitors has exceeded our expectations and our booth is often packed. After this pandemic, the home furniture industry will undergo a round of reshuffle, but it has not affected our brand much. Pandemic control plans are well executed by the organizer.

    Shang Gong Group Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Heiko Ultes
    General Manager South East Asia Pacific

    To be honest, before participating in this exhibition, I did not have high expectations. I thought the number of visitors might decrease under the shadow of the pandemic, but the fact is that the number of visitors at the exhibition far exceeded my expectations. More importantly, they are of very high caliber. Those who enquired at our booth are all professionals. Although our industry has been hit to a certain extent in the past five months due to the pandemic, I am very happy to see that it is recovering rapidly in the past few weeks. Since interzum came to China, I have been exhibiting here to participate and witness the development of the exhibition. This is a very good platform where almost all brands and insiders from the entire furniture manufacturing industry are gathered. I will continue to participate next year.

    Limoss Shanghai INC.
    Ms. Jiang Kana

    We’ve been participating in this exhibition every year. The number of visitors has decreased this year, but the overall situation is better than we thought. We are an international brand, and will focus on developing the China market this year. To cope with the crisis brought about by the pandemic, we have launched many products featuring new functions, such as antibacterial and antiviral surface coating on leather stools and switches to deter bacteria adherence.

    DewertOkin Technology Group Co., Ltd.
    Ms. Gao Lijuan

    We are a regular customer of the exhibition. Although the number of exhibitors has decreased this year due to the pandemic, it has exceeded our expectations. Compared with previous years, there are fewer foreign customers. We are a global company, so our target customers are also global. Affected by the pandemic this year, many exhibitions overseas have been cancelled. We will focus more on the domestic market. Our company is the first batch of industries in Zhejiang to resume business this year. In fact, the impact on us is not too big. Now in July, orders have suddenly skyrocketed.

  • Interior Décor & Materials

    Impress Surfaces GmbH
    Mr. Chen Hanbin
    Marketing Director

    This is our second time participating in interzum guangzhou. We have expanded our booth space this year because we hope to increase Impress's influence and expand its market share in China. Overall, we are quite satisfied with this edition, especially the quality of the customers. This is a very professional exhibition and we will continue to support interzum guangzhou in future. In addition, the organizers have done a very good job in ensuring that all personnel wear masks throughout and regularly disinfect surfaces.

    Schattdecor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Xu Shidong

    I did not expect to see so many people here; in fact, it has greatly exceeded our expectations. The impact of this pandemic on the furniture industry was actually very obvious in the first and second quarters, but the entire home furnishing industry has actually been picking up recently, so I am still more confident about the future. We are making use of this platform to showcase a lot of our new ideas, including all the packaged solutions we provide to our customers. So we are also looking forward to interzum next year.

    Winbon Technocell New Materials Ltd.
    Mr. Feng Hongtao

    This year is the first time we participate in the exhibition since we entered China. Except for the reduced visitor traffic due to the pandemic, other aspects are good. Our purpose here this time is mainly to ride on the influence of the exhibition to promote our company's image and to connect with customers. As we have just entered the China market, the impact of the pandemic on us is not great. Our indicators are all on the upward trend. The prospects of this industry in China are also excellent. So we will also exhibit at the next edition.

    LG Hausys (Shanghai) Trade Co., Ltd.
    Ms. Gong Ting

    We are a second-time exhibitor here. In comparison, the results of this participation are much better than last year, and the halls are also teeming with visitors. I think the organizer did a fantastic job in promoting the exhibition. The pandemic does have a certain impact on us, and in response, we have launched a series of new products.

    张国栋 先生

    This is our debut at interzum guangzhou and it feels good to be here. The promotional efforts by the organizers and supporting facilities are great. Our brand is new to China, and because we learned that interzum has a relatively large influence, so we want to leverage this platform to expand our brand's influence, and reach more targeted buyers. Our company was relatively hard hit in the first three months of this year, but gradually recovered in the later period. Because most of our products are basic materials, the effect of online marketing is basically minimal. We mainly rely on participating in exhibitions to promote our products.

    Hyundai L & C (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Shuai Peng

    We are a first-time exhibitor. Due to the pandemic, the overall crowd is not too large, but the level of visitors is still very high. We chose interzum guangzhou to explore the China market as we have great confidence in it. We usually exhibit at other exhibitions, but interzum guangzhou produces very obvious results, especially in terms of efficiency. We are pleased with it and will continue to participate.

  • Woodworking Machinery, Tools and Other Machinery

    Paolino Bacci S.R.L Mr. He Zhan China Area Sales G.M.
    Today is the second day of the exhibition and even though the number of visitors is lower than the previous year, they are of higher quality; our expectations are met. On top of pandemic control initiatives by the organizer, exhibitors and visitors are all very self-aware in taking precautionary measures, so it feels safe. For the woodworking industry, the impact of the pandemic on our company has also been huge far, but currently the recovery is progressing well.

    W.D.E.-MASPELL SRL Ms. Cindy Liu General Manager
    The business matching live streaming experience was a delight. Our potential buyer is from India and we happen to be the only supplier of wood vacuum dryers that they need. I have to commend the organizer who has done a very good job and provided the buyer with very detailed seller information, which worked well. My boss and I were very surprised by this. Generally speaking, I am very satisfied.