Guangzhou, China 28.-31. 03. 2025

2018 Exhibitor Testimonials

  • Hardware, Components and Fitting

    harn, Aksesori Setia Sdn. Bhd.
    Ms. Loh Sook Fun
    Customer Service Senior Executive

    “We’re here this year to promote our new products and are very satisfied with the quality of visitors who are all from the industry. In terms of international buyers, most are from India, South Korea, the United States, and Japan. ”

    LS Lighting Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
    Mr. Jeremy Hou
    Project Manager

    “This is the first time we’ve taken up a booth at interzum guangzhou. I think the exhibition is particularly professional and gives us many opportunities for interaction with industry professionals. There are many visitors and we’ve met a good number of them from Southeast Asia and the Middle East. At present, the domestic furniture market, especially the wardrobe segment is experiencing an explosive development. ”

    King Slide (King Slide Works Co., Ltd & King Slide Technology Co., Ltd)
    Mr. JC Wang
    Executive Vice President & Spokesman

    “We’ve been participating in interzum guangzhou for many years as an exhibitor, and are very reliant on exhibitions organized by Koelnmesse. The show has always been jam-packed with visitors and this year is no exception. High-quality hardware accessories can make the furniture safer and more comfortable. As a furniture hardware manufacturer, I believe that the key to hardware is to have its own spirit, to innovate, and to be able to continue to do so for a long time until it finds its own positioning. Although the internationally renowned hardware brands are still dominated by Europe, I believe that through our efforts, domestic hardware brands will definitely have a place in the international high-end hardware market in the near future. ”

    CINETTO F.lli S.r.l.
    Mr. Erik Camani
    Area Manager

    “It’s our first time participating in interzum guangzhou. It’s an international exhibition with many more visitors than I had expected. 70% of them are from China, and 30% come from overseas. Most of them are furniture manufacturers, and there is also no lack of representatives from big brands. This year, our booth is in the Custom Furniture Suppliers Zone and I very much agree with this concept. interzum guangzhou is a very important platform for our promotion in Asia. We will continue to exhibit next year. ”

    Zimmer GmbH Daempfungssysteme
    Mr. Martin Steurer
    Sales Manager
    “The quantity of visitors this year is good. I think we’ll get quite good results. We come here aiming not only for the Mainland China, but also Asia market. The visitors are from many countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, India and Turkey. We only participate in this exhibition in China, as it is the most important show in the furniture and hardware industry. ”

    Cossla Enterprise Co., Ltd
    Ms. Lilian

    “This is the first time we are exhibiting at interzum guangzhou. Our sponsorship of the WiFi at the international hall has brought many customers to our booth. The organizers have done a good job in promotion and overall arrangements. This is a great platform. Our new brand is mainly based on smart hardware and the current custom furniture trend has opened up a new path for us. The organizers have also captured this aspect well and established a Custom Furniture Suppliers Zone this year. ”

  • Wood Products and Adhesives

    Quebec Wood Export Bureau
    Mr. Noah Li
    Director, China
    “interzum guangzhou is currently the largest exhibition in China with the highest reputation, and best results, and the highest degree of customer professionalism and precision. It is the most important exhibition that we participate in every year in China. Of the exhibitions we take part in China every year, interzum guangzhou is also the most international. This year, we took up another booth dedicated to hardwood and the result is apparent. In general, each of our participation has been excellent and we are always satisfied. ”

    Mr. Nicolas Serrano
    General Secretary Director (South China)

    “We are very pleased with the event, which is nice and well organized. There are more interested visitors this year, who are really looking for business cooperation and not just walking around. We also get more potential clients, with 70% from Mainland China and 30% from other countries, such as Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia and very few from Africa. ”

    Holz - Schnettler Soest, Import – Export GmbH
    Ms. Zhong Jin Sheng

    “We exhibit here every year. As part of the German Pavilion, we’ve always been very satisfied with interzum guangzhou. The organizers have provided excellent services and activities in all aspects. Among other domestic shows of this kind, we only participate in interzum guangzhou because this is the largest exhibition for furniture raw materials, which our customers will also visit. It was precisely because of our participation in interzum guangzhou years ago that opened up the China market for our company. Visitor traffic over the past few days has been very heavy. Among the overseas visitors whom we’ve met, most are from Southeast Asia, India, and South Korea. We will continue to exhibit next year. ”

    American Softwoods
    Ms. Lily Lu
    Marketing Manager

    “We are here every year to participate in the exhibition, and it has been doing very well on the whole. I think the number of visitors this year have increased, including domestic and international ones. In terms of new visitors, they are from India and Pakistan as well as Singapore and Malaysia. We’ll exhibit here again next year. ”

    Beta Kimya Sanyi ve Ticaret A.S.
    Mr. Aykut ENGIN
    Marketing & Business Development Manager

    “It’s our first time exhibiting in China. I’m extremely happy with the exhibition and it’s very important for our company. The number of visitors is huge and they are from all over the world. I’ve received visitors from over 20 countries, such as Vietnam, Australia, Canada and India. In addition, the quality of the visitors is also excellent. ”

    Ms. Natalia Kurochkina
    We are a first-timer exhibiting in China.

    “We are a first-timer exhibiting in China. We have met a lot of partners here and have also gotten some new ones from India, Mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Turkey. Most of the visitors are professional. All in all, the exhibition meets our expectation. It provides an opportunity for us to access high-end furniture makers and bring more business. We also like the happy hour networking. ”

  • Materials for Upholstery and Bedding

    Latexco Asia Pacific PTE LTD
    Mr. Sander Claessens
    Managing Director – APAC

    “We have been taking part in interzum guangzhou for many years. In general, the quantity of visitors has remained the same, while the quality has improved. There are still many new markets for exporting and trading from different countries, such as Mainland China, Thailand, Vietnam. We are satisfied with the visitors. So far, we chose interzum guangzhou as the only exhibition to promote our products and didn’t participate in other exhibitions in China, and we are always happy with the organization and the contact with the clients. ”

    Mr. Oguz OZEV
    Sales Manager

    “We are here not only for the China market, but also the whole world. We have met visitors from Arabic countries, North America and South America here. The exhibition is wonderful and always well organized as well as clean. For our participation next year, we want to have a bigger booth space. ”

    Mr. Robin Luo
    Eastern Sales Manager
    “We’ve previously participated in interzum guangzhou before. This year, we’ve also met a lot of interested customers. About half of them came from China and the other half from overseas. Currently, interzum guangzhou is the only furniture-related exhibition that we are participating in. I think the visitors here are more targeted and professional. In general, we are very pleased with this exhibition and plan to continue exhibiting next year. ”

  • Machinery & Equipment for Upholstery & Bedding

    OKE Plastic (Zhangjiagang) Co. Ltd.
    Mr. Ji Ping
    Sales Manager

    “We’ve been a regular exhibitor at interzum guangzhou for many years. Visitors are of high quality. Compared with other domestic exhibitions of the same nature that we’ve participated in, interzum guangzhou features more exhibitors, with an excellent visitor crowd. In addition, there are also more international buyers.”

    Shang Gong Group Co., Ltd DAP Branch
    Duerkopp Adler AG
    Ms. Luzy Hu
    Vice President
    “We’ve been coming to interzum guangzhou for many years. As usual, the quality of visitors is very high. Our customers in the past were mainly based on scale, and now they are gradually transitioning to customization. So, these customers need high-quality upholstery machinery to meet their needs, which is to our advantage. ”

    OCTO (Tianjin) Intelligence Home Technology Co., Ltd
    Mr. Davis Liu
    Marketing Manager

    “I like the fact that the exhibition is divided into international and domestic area. The visitors are all very professional. Most customers who came to our booth are from Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. Overall, we are very pleased with this exhibition and will continue to participate next year. ”

  • Materials and Equipment for Interior Design

    Hueck Rheinische GmbH
    Ms. Anette Madry
    Sales Marketing

    “It’s the first time for us to participate in interzum guangzhou after many of our customers from China asked if we would be here. We decided to have a try and chose interzum guangzhou as the first step into China. We’ve been very busy with so many visitors on the first two days. We’re very satisfied with the feedback and have also found some potential customers.”

    Klockner Pentaplast (Suzhou) Specialty Materials Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Lennon Zeng
    Sales Manager Specialties

    “We are new both at interzum guangzhou and also in China. There are so many visitors at the show with genuine business needs. We are extremely satisfied in terms of visitors, promotion efforts by the organizers and on-site services. It’s a pity that we were unable to take part in the fringe activities because we were too busy at the booth. Next year, we will continue to exhibit. ”

    Enes CAN
    Export Specialist

    “We have been participating in the exhibition for a long time, which has helped us a lot to reach our target customers in China, and our business is also expanding. We found our general agent in China some years ago at interzum guangzhou; it was a fantastic participation. Compared with last year, this year is better. China is growing and developing. The visitors in China are more professional. They pay more attention to quality instead of price, and know more details about import and export issue, which makes it easier for us to promote our products. The services provided at interzum guangzhou are much better than I expected. We are very satisfied with that and will definitely participate again next year. .”

    Kubilay COSKUN
    Export Manager

    “This is the first time for us here. interzum guangzhou is more International, with visitors from all over the world. We are looking for exporters here. On the whole, we are happy with the exhibition. Next year, we will continue to exhibit. ”

    Ms. Helena Paternain
    Marketing Manager

    “It is our first time exhibiting here and everything is great. I think we have higher competitiveness because of the location here in the main area. We are quite busy these two days and I think we should have a bigger booth next year. .”

  • Woodworking Machinery, Tools and Other Machinery

    Ms. Carina Lee
    International Sales & Marketing Team

    “This is the first time we are participating in interzum guangzhou. In the field of woodworking machinery, our products have a market share of over 90% in Japan. Many of our customers there are also participating in this exhibition, so when we decided to open up the China market, interzum guangzhou became a natural choice. Compared with other similar exhibitions, the scale and internationalization here is far superior than the others. ”

    IMA Schelling Group
    Mr. Eric Zhu
    General Manager

    “Our target group is the top 50 furniture manufacturers in China. interzum guangzhou is able to deliver us with relevant crowd which has seen China’s top 20 furniture brands visiting our booth. Custom furniture has been flourishing in China in recent years. For next year's show, we will also launch new exhibits: flexible production lines, which are specifically designed for custom furniture. ”