Guangzhou, China 28.-31. 03. 2025

2017 Exhibitor Testimonials

  • Hardware, Components and Fitting

    Mr. David Chung
    Marketing Manager
    A & D Jasmine International Co., Ltd.

    “We are delighted to return to the International Hall this year. Today is the first day of the event and there have so far been a lot of visitors, including many from abroad. And we basically did not see any irrelevant visitors here. In addition, exhibitor and visitor services have improved significantly. We will continue to participate next year.”

    Mr. Alex Lu
    Fennel Plastic Parts Co., Ltd.

    “There are a lot of visitors at interzum guangzhou, and they are relatively professional. There are also more international customers. We are exposed to visitors from mainly Southeast Asia, especially India. In addition, the organizer has done a good job at holding interactive activities, which drive the flow of visitors. We’ll be back next year, hopefully with a larger booth.”

    Mr. Rocky Chen
    General Manager
    Joker Uno Limited

    “There are more visitors at the international halls compared with domestic halls. interzum guangzhou suits our market positioning, and we will continue to participate next year.”

    Mr. Ertan Anil Sanan
    Industrial Engineer
    Komposan Office Components

    “We came here five times as visitor and this is the first time as exhibitor. Last year, there was heavy visitor flow here. This year we’ve met many customers from China. I participate in this event because it is interzum. We also exhibit at the show in Cologne. When it’s Koelnmesse, everything will be good. I did not meet with any problem.”

    Ms. Marzia Riva
    “This year, we are participating in both interzum guangzhou and interzum Cologne. It’s our second time at interzum guangzhou. Last year’s participation yielded positive results, and we felt that we have to come for a second time. We’ve found more customers and gotten more contacts from foreign countries, such as Indonesia, India and South Africa, which is interesting for us. The quality of visitors is higher and we are very happy about this. The fair has improved compared with the last edition.”

    Mr. Xiao Xiaoyang
    Architerior Div. Sales Representative
    Sugatsune Shanghai Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch

    “This is the first time we participate in interzum guangzhou and it has been very smooth. Our booth has been seeing a constant stream of people. In contrast to another exhibition of the same nature in Shanghai, the biggest advantage of interzum guangzhou is the region’s high concentration of market resources. Visitors at this event are mainly large furniture manufacturers, whereas those in Shanghai are mostly small design companies and producers. Guangdong is a renowned furniture-manufacturing base in China and the industry's most important listed furniture companies have their factories here. As such, we can be closer to customers by exhibiting in Guangzhou. As the event is an international platform, we’ve also gained a number of overseas leads. We are very satisfied with the results of this year's participation. ”

    Ms. Marzia Riva
    Managing Director APAC
    Titus Shenzhen Component Limited

    “We have been here for so many years. We are happy with interzum guangzhou. We think it’s useful for our brand and it is a good window to do business in China. The first two days of the show was very busy, sometimes we didn’t even have enough space for visitors. The visitors are professional, and we are satisfied. We will continue to exhibit at this show. There are more customers from foreign countries this year. Maybe next time we should invite more colleagues from the other sister companies here. The show is becoming more and more international.”

  • Wood Products and Adhesives

    Ms. Chloe Liu
    Product Line Supervisor
    Bostik (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd.

    “There are numerous first-class exhibitors at the event and the atmosphere is excellent. Foot traffic has been high and the profile of visitors is especially comprehensive. We primarily target mid to high-end furniture enterprises, and we’ve seen scores of potential customers today at our booth. We’ve received visitors from the design, wood and interior decoration industries, which we are very pleased about. The organizer has provided us with great service, and we will continue to exhibit next year.”

    Mr. Jim Lvanoff
    Director, Asia Pacific

    “We participated in this exhibition many times. Generally speaking, I can see more visitors this year. We participate in lots of trade shows. Compared with other shows, the number of visitors in interzum guangzhou is much more than the others. For the visitor quality, I think it is quite good. For the furniture production field, this is the only show we participate in China at the moment. This is the main show for our China market. Until now, this show’s main target has been domestic customers. But these years, we’ve been seeing more and more visitors from all over the world to this show, such as from the Middle East and Europe, and we are busy talking with customers.”

    Mr. Imand Corm
    Sales Director - Wood Finishes
    General Paint Co.Ltd

    “This is our first time to exhibit in China. I chose interzum guangzhou to make our foray because it’s one of the best exhibitions for our products. Many visitors have been coming to my booth and most of them are furniture manufacturers. The show is international with visitors from all over the world. The results of the exhibition has really met my expectations.”

    Mr. Elvis Shi
    Technical Sales Service Manager
    Jowat (Beijing) Adhesives Co., Ltd.

    “On the whole, our participation feels better than last year with more and better quality visitors. Those who came to our booth have specific needs. In fact, I think most visitors from the Pearl River Delta region are industry insiders who have a better understanding of the products. This year, we are satisfied with all aspects of the show. Our main purpose, more importantly, is to build rapport with our customers and learn about the market developments and obtain information. In addition to this event, we will also participate in CIFF Shanghai in September, but interzum guangzhou is big and covers a wide market. There are numerous visitors from the Pearl River Delta and South China region, and of course, no lack of those from China’s eastern, northern and northeast regions as well.”

    Mr. Igors Masals
    NDB Timber SIA

    “This is our first time exhibiting at interzum guangzhou. So far, we are satisfied with this year’s participation. The show is good, and it is reasonably big with so many halls and companies. This is also our first time taking part in an exhibition in China. We chose interzum guangzhou for our debut in China because I think it’s the best exhibition for professionals in this field. We have visited interzum Cologne, and we believe in Koelnmesse. ”

    Mr. Jacky Wu
    Project Manager
    Pfleiderer Holzwerkstoffe Gmbh

    “We’ve participated in interzum guangzhou before but were here as visitor last year. There are more visitors this year. Among the international visitors, I think more are from the Middle East and India. We are very pleased with this year's participation. Compared to other shows, I think interzum guangzhou's service is very good. We also exhibit in Cologne, Germany as interzum is a renowned trade fair. As an international business, we choose international exhibitions to participate in, and the interzum series of exhibitions is our first choice. We will continue to exhibit next year.”

    Ms. Charlotte Dedye Apelgren
    Director Interior and Design
    Swedish Wood

    “We have lots of people this morning at the booth. Compared with the last time, from my perspective, there are more visitors. This year, we participate in only one show in China, and we chose interzum guangzhou. The size of the booth is not big enough. We want a bigger one, since we have a lot of products, projects and furniture that need to be showcased.”

    Mr. Teoh Swee Guan
    Executive Director
    T-PRIN Panel Sdn. Bhd

    “This year’s visitor traffic is good. We chose interzum guangzhou because our counterparts and customers told us about it and also the high quality of the visitors. We’ve achieved our expected results.”

    Ms. Jinnan Lu
    Lumber Sales
    Thompson Hardwoods, Inc.

    “We participated in the business matching yesterday, and there had been very positive exchange of information between the customer and us. Overall, I am very satisfied. Visitors are more professional than last year, who have mainly come with the purpose of procuring products. Through them, we’ve obtained a lot of market information as well as understand what the market is looking for and industry trends.”

    Mr. Steven Pang
    TIC Trading Limited

    “The reason for choosing interzum guangzhou is that industry insiders have feedback that the event is better than the other September show in Shanghai and the exhibits showcased here are more comprehensive. interzum guangzhou is very reputable in the industry. It is widely known in our circle in North East China that interzum guangzhou is the fair to come to in March for anyone interested in equipment, hardware and materials. Such is the reputation of the show. We plan to exhibit again next year.”

    Mr. Chin Leong Teo
    TIC Trading Limited

    “This is our first time participating in interzum guangzhou to promote our products, learn about industry and market trends as well as find new customers. A substantial number of visitors have enquired at our booth, and among them, we’ve met some potential customers. This event has been a great help to us. interzum guangzhou enjoys a high reputation both in China and internationally with a high concentration of trade visitors. So, compared to other trade fairs of the same kind, interzum guangzhou is more worthy of our trust.”

    Ms. Alvard Rafael Orozco
    Director of International Sales
    UC Coating

    “We exhibited last year as well. We’ve received both old and new customers over the last couple of days. I think the quality of visitors has improved.”

  • Materials for Upholstery and Bedding

    Mr. Eray Erciyas, International Sales Marketing and Brand Research Assistant
    Mr. Muhterem Emre Melez, Maintenance Engineer
    Metal Matris San. Tic. A.S

    “This is my first time to China. I was really excited to exhibit in China and also at interzum guangzhou. We know interzum is a big show organized by Koelnmesse.”

  • Machinery & Equipment for Upholstery & Bedding

    Mr. Dominic Fong
    General Manager
    Adler Sewing Machinery Co., Ltd.

    “Overall, there are more visitors this year than the last. I am particularly pleased with the introduction of PIAZZA mini into Hall 12.1, which has greatly facilitated exhibitors’ participation in Area B. It has also attracted more visitors to the hall.”

    Mr. Sascha Otten
    Sales Executive
    Mammut Naehmaschinenfabrik E.Sutznaeckert

    “This is my first time to interzum guangzhou. It is the most important show for us, and we’ve met most of our target customers here. At the moment, interzum guangzhou is the only show we participate in China, and we do not have any plan to attend other shows. We are happy with the quality of the visitors and also the international visitors. They are from all over the world. We’ve met customers from Australia, Africa and South America. The event meets my expectation, and we also get new contacts we did not expect. We are satisfied.”

    Mr. Samet Gazi
    Export Sales Manager
    Veysel Kutuklu - Mattresses Machinery Co.

    “The most important factor that interests us is that interzum guangzhou and interzum Cologne are the best shows and very effective in this industry. All the professionals from this industry visit both trade fairs in Cologne and Guangzhou. Our main target markets here are Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand and also China. I am satisfied with the results as well as the quality of visitors. Everything has been well organized.”

  • Materials and Equipment for Interior Design

    Mr. Hyun-Woo Choi
    Fine Industries Co., Ltd

    “We did some research on which event to participate in China, and we know that interzum guangzhou is a good platform for our industry, so we are here. We are looking for agents for our products in China and are able to meet some of our target customers.”

    Mr. Dusan Sever
    Sales Manager Interior Contact
    Konrad Hornschuch AG

    “We have more visitors and contacts this year, and I think visitor quality is also better. We’ve found some potential clients from the US and Arab countries, like Saudi Arabia and Egypt. We are happy with this year’s exhibition and have already decided for next year’s. This is our first furniture-related show in China this year. We exhibit at interzum guangzhou mainly because of the interzum brand and it is organized by Koelnmesse. Many of our customers know this event. And I think it is also an advantage that interzum guangzhou is held together with the furniture show. ”

    Ms. Funda Selcuk
    Vice President
    Lignadecor Uretim ve Pazarlama A.S

    “I was here as a visitor ten years ago. Till now we didn’t exhibit because the focus market was not surrounding countries. We focus on our local market, Turkey. With an increasing capacity, we are now trying to expand our export market to many different countries. This fair is interesting for us. We thought that visitors come from surrounding countries, but it is not the case, In fact, it is very international with visitors from South America and South Africa.”

  • Woodworking Machinery, Tools and Other Machinery

    Mr. Tong Linyu
    Sales Manager
    Controllogic Systems Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    “This is our first time exhibiting in Guangzhou as the brand’s agent for the China region, and interzum guangzhou is selected for its strong influence. There’s a relatively large crowd, and of high quality. About 70% to 80% of them are trade visitors. I am very happy with the event.”

    Mr. Huang Qingsheng
    Sales & Service Manager / Electrical Engineer
    Schentel Laminate Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

    “This exhibition is better than the other domestic exhibitions. There are more visitors and enquiries. The quality of the visitors is good, including domestic and foreign ones. Many of them are more purposeful with specific needs, such as to procure or replace equipment for their factory, or have a certain amount of information to share. So, we’ve decided to come again next year.”

    Mr. Peng Tao
    Sales Manager

    “We are very satisfied with the outcome of our participation this year and will continue to exhibit next year, hoping to apply for a larger area to showcase more equipment. Visitors are of high quality and we’ve met our existing as well as potential customers, including a number of overseas visitors. We’ve participated in similar trade fairs in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu, but in comparison interzum guangzhou is definitely superior in both reputation and visitor quality and number.”