Guangzhou, China 28.-31. 03. 2025

2016 Exhibitor Testimonials

  • Hardware, Components and Fitting

    Mr. Michele Galassi
    Managing Director
    SIGE S.p.A

    “interzum guangzhou is important to us, not only for the China market but also the Asian market. We’ve met customers from India, Indonesia and the other Asian countries. interzum guangzhou is also the only show we participate in in Asia, because it is more international.”

    Arch. Carlotta Terragni / Dr. Marzia Riva
    Servetto S.r.l.

    “We had a good impression on the first day. We have many visitors from both China and other countries. I am quite happy we are able to meet so many customers from Asia here. This is the first time we participate in interzum guangzhou, and also our first show in China after so many years. We chose interzum guangzhou because we had a very good experience and excellent results when we exhibited at interzum in Germany. This is the best option for us to develop the Asian market.”

    Ms. Joey Huang
    ESO International Group Limited

    “As the main distributor of numerous top European hardware brands in China, we’ve brought with us products from several major brands. Comparing with other similar events we’ve participated in, interzum guangzhou has a very high degree of internationalization and professionalism. For our part, we are concerned about the quality of the visitors rather than quantity, and interzum guangzhou has a high proportion of international visitors. We will continue to participate next year.”

    Mr. Heinz Otto Sagel
    General Manager
    VAUTH-SAGEL Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

    “Our booth was full of visitors on the first day of the show. Around 65% of them are from the China market and 20% are from the Asia-Pacific market. The rest are from areas, such as South Africa, the Far East, and the Middle East. interzum guangzhou is a very good place to meet with customers from China and the rest of Asia, which is a very important market for us. Most of the international customers come to both interzum guangzhou and interzum Cologne. The organization of the show is very good, much better than the other similar shows in Asia. interzum guangzhou is a high quality fair for the furniture industry.”

    Mr. Totti Qiao
    Sales Manager
    Ouchi (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd / Klöckner Pentaplast GmbH

    “This is our second year at interzum guangzhou. Comparing with last year, we’ve received a lot more visitors. Overall, I am satisfied. Currently, this is the best furniture raw material related exhibition in China.”

  • Wood Products and Adhesives

    Mr. Hernan Jaramillo
    Consul-Trade Commissioner, Trade Commission-Consulate General of Chile
    Pro Chile

    “Comparing interzum guangzhou with last year, it seems that this year is much better based on the first day. We have been participating in interzum guangzhou for many years. We are very loyal to interzum and only participate in interzum guangzhou. The organizer is also very important. Koelnmesse is very professional and has been very supportive to us.”

    Mr. Allen Sung
    Fritz Kohl Gmbh + Co. KG
    “This is our debut at the international hall and I think the results are a lot better than last year when we were at the domestic hall. There is a bigger crowd here and a lot of new customers. We exhibit at interzum guangzhou primarily to explore the China market, but we’ve also made a lot of contact with customers in other countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia and Pakistan. In terms of quality of visitors, we are satisfied. The organizers are very meticulous in all aspects.”

    Ms. Marina Balenko
    Project Development Manager
    Termopal Ltd

    “This is our first time exhibiting at interzum guangzhou. We are very satisfied with the show. There are so many visitors and we are very busy talking to them. Actually, we were only planning to go into the China market but now we also have customers from India and Europe. Although we are from Europe too, we didn’t have their contacts before we came here. We are really satisfied because it’s better than what we expected.”

    Ms. Ma Juncan
    Sales Assistant

    “This is our first time at interzum guangzhou, and also our first time exhibiting in China. I think the show is relatively busy and there have been many visitors to our booth. Our goal here is to expand our business in China. Although we already have customers in China, we are able to interact face-to-face with the domestic furniture production enterprises here, which have yielded good results.”

    Ms. Ade Zou
    Marketing Assistant
    American Softwoods

    “The number of visitors seems to be similar to the previous year, and is of high quality. We are generally satisfied with the event. Among other domestic furniture production exhibitions, interzum guangzhou has a more comprehensive range of exhibits and a huge area for raw and auxiliary materials, so it is suitable for our association. The number of inquiries generated here is also the most.”

    Mr. Jean-Francois GUILBERT
    Managing Director
    French Timber Association

    “Our main market is in North China, so we used to participate in interzum guangzhou every 2 to 3 years to keep in touch with the South China market and meet our local customers. Now, we are going to develop the market here. That’s why we attend the show this year as an association, and next year, we may bring some French companies along. Concerning this year’s visitor traffic, it does meet our expectation. We’ve met traders and furniture manufacturers both locally and from outside China.”

    Mr. John Chan
    Regional Director
    American Hardwood Export Council

    “I am very satisfied with this year's interzum guangzhou. There are many visitors, and the quality is even better than in previous years. Our members are very satisfied. In the meantime, we also have a lot of members who are unable to participate and still on waitlist due to space constraints. I hope we will have the opportunity to expand the area of our pavilion, so more members could be here.”

    Mr. Igors Tavlidi
    Strong Wood SIA

    “This is our first time participating in interzum guangzhou. There is lot of visitors here and many are interested in our product. The Asian market is our major market. I met many customers from India, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Japan here, and the majority are, of course, from China.”

    Mr. Marco Cecchini
    Export Manager
    Verinlegno SPA

    “This is the first time for me at interzum guangzhou. It’s very interesting and special because I got more feedback about the China market relating to our field, which is chemical products. I am happy that we’ve received a lot of contacts. We’ve also met many visitors from other countries but our focus is still the China market. The participation results meet my expectation. interzum guangzhou is the biggest show in Asia, and gathers all furniture manufacturers and target customers together.”

    Mr. Craig Graham
    Matilda Veneer

    “This is the first time we exhibit in China. We got a lot of contacts, which is a good aspect, and we are happy with that. Everyone (visitors who visit our booth) here gives us good feedback on our booth and products.”

    Mr. Federico Pino de la Chica
    Export Manager
    Entex Textil S.L.

    “We know interzum guangzhou is an important event in the industry. We’ve been participating in interzum Cologne since 20 years ago. We believe in the organizer and so, we decided on exhibiting at this event. We have a lot of people visiting and made lot of contacts. I’m happy even though I just have a small booth this time. It’s a positive experience. We got customer from Korea and Thailand. I’m very satisfied with this year’s show.”

  • Materials for Upholstery and Bedding

    Mr. John Cillen
    General Manager Asia Pacific
    Latexco Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

    “In comparison with the past few years, I think it’s a bit more crowded this year, I can see more visitors from the first two days. We participate in interzum guangzhou mainly focusing on expanding the Asian market, and meeting with our target customers from the region here. That’s why we are here every year. I regard the brand and the reputation of the show as one of the most important factors for participation. interzum here and in Cologne are the biggest and the most renowned in the industry, and everyone knows it including our customers, so we take part in it.”

    Mr. Patrick Jakob
    International Sales Executive
    Artilat NV

    “interzum guangzhou is quite strong in terms of visitors. Compared with other shows, there are more exhibitors and machinery here. It’s much more diverse and international. I thank the organizer for their efforts. We are growing together with the show. The organizer is the one of the main elements for us to consider our participation.”

    Mr. Zhang Liang
    OKE Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG

    “We’ve been participating in interzum guangzhou for many years, and this year, the number of visitors is satisfactory. As interzum guangzhou is an international exhibition, we’ve met with customers from around the world. Many customers have shown interest in our products. Comparing our participation with the other shows of the same kind, interzum guangzhou stands out prominently, with a lot more international buyers. Coupled with the unique industry advantages of South China, the atmosphere here is much better than exhibitions in other regions, both in terms of exhibitors and visitors.”

    Mr. Mukremin KUCUK
    Mattress Ticking Consultant
    Comfytex Knitted Mattress Ticking

    “We are a new company generally focusing on the Europe and USA market. We participate in interzum guangzhou to expend the Asian market. For the first two days, we’ve met visitors from countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, and Pakistan. That’s interesting for us because it allows the customers from the region to know what we are doing.”

    Mr. Shuai Jan Hao
    Senior Business Development
    Theptex (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

    “This is our first time participating in an exhibition in China, and we hope to understand the China market through this event. interzum guangzhou is renowned in the industry, and we are very pleased to be able to apply for a booth successfully. Footfall at the show is very high. We are able to receive a daily average of 25 customers. So, we have been very busy these few days, and very satisfied. We will continue to participate next year.”

  • Machinery & Equipment for Upholstery & Bedding

    Mr. Michael Tsang
    Strategic Business Manager
    LINAK (Shenzhen) Actuator Systems Ltd.

    “In general, there seems to be an increase in the number of visitors this year from the last, and we expect our participation results to be better. In comparison with another similar exhibition we’ve participated in in Shanghai, interzum guangzhou produces better results.”

    Mr. Zou Zhonghua
    Sales Department
    Moteck Electric Corp.

    “We visited interzum guangzhou before but this is our first time exhibiting at the trade fair. It was quite good on the first day with higher visitor traffic and a more professional crowd at the international hall. Many of our customers have come. We participated in an event of similar nature in Shanghai a few years ago, but in contrast, we believe that the furniture market in Guangdong is bigger and more concentrated.”

    Mr. Andre Chehab
    ALFA Klebstoffe AG

    “This is our first time here. Hall 12.1 is a new hall, but we had a lot of customers coming to visit. It was quite good and we’ve gotten many contacts. I am also quite satisfied with the number of international visitors here, many from the Asian region, whom we already knew. I can see a lot of companies in our field. It is good for us to be here. We participate in interzum guangzhou because we know the “interzum” name. We have participated in interzum since 1993. We have already filled in the reservation form for next year. ”

    Mr. Heiko Ultes
    Product Management
    Duerkopp Adler AG

    “There’s a good number of visitors on the first two days of the show. Surprisingly, it’s much better than last year. I can see maybe more visitors from Africa/South Africa this time. We didn’t see African customers last year. We changed our focus at this year’s interzum guangzhou and are happy to have met so many mattress makers here.”

  • Materials and Equipment for Interior Design

    Mr. Roy Jiang
    Product Manager
    Citiking Trade Co. Ltd., Shanghai / RENOLIT SE

    “Our company has been exhibiting at interzum guangzhou for many years, but this is my first time here. Based on this year’s turnout, the crowd is good, and we are happy with it. Many of our customers from the cabinet industry have come to visit as they are also very interested in interzum guangzhou. This year, we moved our annual 2016/2017 Global Color Trends conference to the show to make better use of this platform to interact with customers.”

    Mr. Nils Wagner
    Chairman Rehau, Greater China
    REHAU Polymers (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

    “In terms of the quantity of visitors, I’m actually quite satisfied. We have more customer contacts compared with the first day last year. And the quality is also good, especially the international customers. 30% of our contacts are from outside China. That’s actually what we appreciate a lot about interzum. Our cooperation with Koelnmesse all these years has been working very well.”

    Ms. Eun-Joo, Kang
    Marketing and Sales Director
    Ecoid Co., Ltd.

    “interzum guangzhou is a famous trade fair for furniture materials in the industry, and that’s why we are here to check out the China market. We’ve met several domestic agents, and also foreign customers here. The quality of customers is also very good with real and potential buyers. Next year, we will continue to exhibit here, and we hope to apply for a bigger booth.”

  • Woodworking Machinery, Tools and Other Machinery

    Mr. Ekrem Sahin
    Regional Manager

    “This is our first time to exhibit in China. interzum guangzhou is much better than the other local shows. There are more domestic visitors on the first day and more international ones on the second. interzum guangzhou is the biggest fair in the region and all customers come here. We can meet visitors from Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia here.”

    Ms. Evelyn Edelmann
    CEO Assistant
    PYTHA Lab GmbH

    “interzum guangzhou is very good. We have lots of prospective customers here. Many people want to know about our software and we are searching for agents for the Asian market. This is our first time to China. We will participate again next year and apply for a bigger booth.”

    Ms. Miki Wu
    Marketing Assistant
    VOLLMER Taicang Co., Ltd.

    “This year is the first time our booth is moved to Hall 12.1, and the visitors here are more professional. Overall, we are satisfied with this year's interzum guangzhou.”

    Mr. Totty Cao
    Product Manager
    HARVEY Industries Co., Ltd.

    “interzum guangzhou’s visitors are more professional compared with other domestic events, which is reflected on the kind of enquiries we’ve gotten and depth of understanding on our products. interzum guangzhou visitors are both knowledgeable, and have a high level of understanding of the products. There’s a higher proportion of overseas visitors here compared with a similar show in Shanghai. The visitors’ purchasing power, demand for new products, and their perception of value is more consistent with our products.”

    Ms. Lucy Ding
    Marketing Executive
    Schmalz (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    “In general, the event this year is good, with exposure to high quality visitors. At present, we only participate in interzum guangzhou, First of all, as a German company, we have more confidence in trade fairs organized by Koelnmesse. Secondly, interzum guangzhou is highly reputable in the industry. Many exhibitors here are also our customers. We are able to keep connected with them here.”

    Mr. Sam Tsai
    Senior Engineer
    Microvellum Software

    “There’s a relatively large number of visitors on the first two days of the event. This year's interzum guangzhou has met our expectations, including the excellent services by the organizers.”

    Mr. Hans J. Ferchland
    IMA Schelling Group

    “We come here every year. This is the only show that we participate as an exhibitor in China. interzum guangzhou is very important for us all these years. This year, there are lots of old customers as well as more new customers than we expected. In my opinion, the proportion of new customers ranges from 15% to 30%. It’s much more than before. Things are changing because there are many customers from abroad, like South Africa and Europe. The China market increasingly focuses on quality now.”