Guangzhou, China 28.-31. 03. 2025

2015 Exhibitor Testimonials

  • Hardware, Components and Fitting

    Mr. Ermanno Favretto
    Managing Director
    FGV Asia Limited

    “It is my ninth time participating in interzum guangzhou, and this year there are more foreign visitors from different countries compared with last year. Judging by the first day of the show, I am satisfied with the quantity of visitors, and we’ve seen a number of foreign customers especially from Europe and Russia. Besides that, I am also satisfied with the considerate service offered at the PIAZZA (International Hall Lounge) and the souvenir redemption program.”

    Ms. Josephine Shao
    Deputy Sales Manager
    Kay Tai Fasteners Industrial Co., Ltd.

    “This is my first time participating in interzum guangzhou. I have taken part in another trade fair in Shanghai before, and in comparison, I feel that interzum guangzhou is more international, in terms of both exhibitors and visitors. Of all the trade fairs I’ve participated in, this is the one with the highest proportion of foreigners. The “interzum” brand is no stranger to us, and alot of our customers also participate in the event .In addition, the setup and management of the show is very well done and attentive to details. ”

    Ms. Svetlana Burik
    Head of Guangzhou Office
    Aristo Trading Limited

    “Based on our past experiences, visitor crowd usually peaks on the second and third days, but this year, we have already received a lot of customers just on the first day. In addition to domestic visitors, there have also been many foreign ones. Not only that, they are all very professional, and of very good quality. The management and layout of the event are all well done.”

    Mr. Martin Steurer
    Technical Support & Sales
    Zimmer Group

    “This is my first time to participate in interzum guangzhou. It is a nice show from my perspective. There are visitors from various countries and among them, I’ve also met my target customers. I have also participated in interzum Cologne before, and I think the 'interzum' brand is an important factor when we consider taking part in this show because of its good reputation. ”

    Mr. Michele Galassi
    Marketing and Commercial Director
    Sige S.P.A.

    “interzum guangzhou is a little bit out of my expectation, as there are so many visitors. We have met buyers from more than 20 different countries, which is fantastic. Although it is my first participation as an exhibitor at interzum guangzhou, I am very familiar here as I have visited the show several times before, and obtained some useful information. interzum guangzhou is also the only furniture show we exhibit in Mainland China. Our company has great trust in the “interzum” name because of its good reputation. When we decided to extend our Asian market, we chose here, as we think interzum guangzhou can help us reach a broader market in China and other Asian cities. ”

    Mr. Carlo Tacchini
    Int’l Business Manager
    PERMO Furniture Fittings / DIVIEMME srl

    “This is our first time at interzum guangzhou. We have brought our products here and are expecting to expand our Asian market and meet some new customers. So far, interzum guangzhou is the only furniture show we exhibit at in China. We believe in the “interzum” brand and its reputation. Within two days, we have met some visitors from various countries like India, the Philippines and Malaysia. I am satisfied with the results.”

    Mr. Milad Ahmad Masdjidi
    Sales and Marketing
    VAUTH-SAGEL Systemtechnik GmbH & Co.KG

    “This is my company’s third participation at interzum guangzhou, and the first for me. Basically, we are satisfied. We have received many visitors here, including Indian, Chinese, American and Europeans. We are in the kitchen furniture business and mainly target the Asian market here. We would like to get more contacts from Asian customers through interzum guangzhou. Personally, I think everything here is well organized.”

    Mr. Dean Dai
    Chief Representative
    Ouchi (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.

    “We are a first-time exhibitor at interzum guangzhou but we’ve been here on several occasions as visitors before. We have just entered the China market, and we’ve chosen interzum guangzhou to debut our products in China.”

    Ms. May Liao
    TERAO Co., Ltd.

    “There are a lot of visitors at interzum guangzhou this year, comparable with previous years. We have also participated in some exhibitions in Shanghai and Dalian, but we still think interzum guangzhou produces better results.”

  • Wood Products and Adhesives

    Ms. Anya Xia
    General Manager
    AME INC.

    “Exhibiting interzum guangzhou is at the suggestion of my friend from the industry when we first entered the wood business. Last year, I came as a visitor and had a good impression of the event, so I’ve decided to exhibit this year. Visitor quality this year is relatively high with a large concentration of trade visitors. Several of our major customers have come to visit, proving that show organizers have high standards for visitors. This show is an excellent platform for more customers to get to know us. ”

    Mr. Manuel Thomas
    Export Sales
    Holz-Schnettler Soest Import-Export GmbH

    “This is our first time participating in interzum guangzhou. For the first two days, we’ve seen so many visitors here.”

    Ms. Julia Huang
    PROCHILE (Trade Commission Office, Consulate General of Chile in Guangzhou)

    “Most of our first-time participating member companies have expressed that they have met a number of new customers, and also saw some existing ones. Overall, they are satisfied with their participation. Despite the difficulties encountered by Chilean timber, we still believe that interzum guangzhou is a platform not to be given up on, and is a stage that allows the industry to be updated with our products.”

    Mr. John Chan
    Regional Director
    American Hardwood Export Council

    “Overall, there have been many visitors this year and our members here are all very satisfied. We’ve seen a lot of high-quality buyers. They know about wood materials very well, have a certain understanding of our various products, and are very professional. Both our participating members and I believe that this event is a very important platform, and hope that we can once again expand the scale of our pavilion at the next edition.”

    Dr. Cindy Nie
    General Manager
    Jowat (Beijing) Adhesives Co.,Ltd.

    “We’ve been exhibiting at interzum guangzhou for many years. Among the other events of similar nature in China, interzum guangzhou yields the best results and attracts more professional visitors. And, most importantly, we are very satisfied with all aspects, including the services provided, arrangements, and facilities here all these years, and will continue to exhibit next year.”

    Ms. Zhu Yibing
    PR Manager Asia Pacific
    H.B. Fuller (China) Adhesives Co., Ltd.

    “As a regular exhibitor of interzum guangzhou, I think that relative to previous years, there are more visitors this year and the quality is also very good. ”

    Mr. Ann Hong
    Customer Service Officer
    Franklin (Guangzhou) Adhesives Co., Ltd.

    “In terms of exhibition management and service, I think interzum guangzhou is excellent, catering to all needs. We have decided to return next year, and hope the organizer will be able to give us a bigger booth.”

  • Materials for Upholstery and Bedding

    Mr. Zhou Yongchuan
    General Manager
    Hangzhou Xinyada Fabric Co., Ltd.

    “We have been a long-time exhibitor at interzum guangzhou, and it is, in our opinion, the best event of its kind. Having exhibited here for so many years, we have always gotten very good results, with the growth rate of domestic customers reaching 10-20%. We have also participated in another show in Shanghai, but in the international level, or the customer's purchasing power, the event cannot match that of interzum guangzhou’s. From our data, the business benefits we get from interzum guangzhou is at least 10% higher than from any other domestic shows. Therefore, we have great confidence in this platform. interzum guangzhou has always been very professional. We are in the mattress textile business, and I can say without exaggeration that, in our industry, if one is still notable to promote their products through interzum guangzhou, they should not expect to get any results from any other exhibitions.”

    Ms. Peggy Wu

    “The main reason for our many years of participating in interzum guangzhou is that we need to come here every year to maintain relationships with our regular customers, and also hope to get to know new customers through this international platform..Based on our years of experience at the show, the hardware and services at interzum guangzhou is constantly getting better, and I hope it will continue to remain that way.”

    Mr. Patrick Elissen
    Business Development Manager
    Vita Talalay

    “My feeling for this year’s participation of interzum guangzhou is quite positive. It is my second time in this show. For us the number of visitors is not very important but the target crowd we are focusing on. So far, within two days, we have met the people we are looking for, so the results are positive. At present, interzum guangzhou is the only furniture production and interior trade fair I have participated in Mainland China. From my point of view, the good event facilities also enable the show to be held successfully.”

    Mr. Hans-Peter Schouwink
    General Sales Manager

    “It is the fifth exhibition we have attended. As such, the location of the exhibition is very important. Compared with other cities like Shanghai or Beijing, Guangzhou is a better place for furniture shows because it can attract more exhibitors and trade customers.”

    Mr. Ralph Milchers
    Area Sales Manager
    OKE Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG

    “As a new participant, my feeling for this year’s interzum guangzhou is very good. These days, we see many international visitors—not only the Chinese, but also visitors coming from Canada, the US and Southeast Asia. Until now I think everything is going perfectly well and better than I had expected. It is the first time for OKE (Germany) to be a main exhibitor in a furniture fair in China. Before this fair, I’ve also been to a similar one in Shanghai with our partner. Compared with Shanghai, there are more exhibitors here in Guangzhou, and more visitors having interest in our products. In my impression of interzum guangzhou, it is also known worldwide, like interzum Cologne.”

    Mr. Mazin Haikal
    Executive Director

    “Although this is my first participation, I have ever visited interzum guangzhou before. I came because the show is very international, and I believe we can meet our potential customers here. The show itself is good. For the first two days, many visitors came and we met some new customers. I regard this as the first step for us to accumulate experience. Our evaluation of visitors does not depend on the quantity but the quality. We are doing B2B business, so it may be enough if we are able to close a successful deal with just one customer. It is also the first show I have ever participated in in China. As Guangzhou can be regarded as a global business center, it appeals to a lot of people from all over the world. ”

    Mr. Michael Mai
    OKIN Refined Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
    Sales Director of South China

    “We are an old-timer at interzum guangzhou, since its debut edition, if I remember correctly. There are many customers this year, and a bigger proportion of them are of high quality. We are delighted with the overall performance and I believe our post-show results will be just as good. We have been doing very well here every year, which is why we have always supported interzum guangzhou. We target the global market and there is a sizable pool of international visitors here, so our colleagues from other subsidiaries around the world have all come to meet with their respective foreign customers.”

  • Machinery & Equipment for Upholstery & Bedding

    Mr. Pan Wenwei
    General Manager
    Shanghai Baomo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

    “Our products are relatively high-end with premium prices, so our customers are of a specific group. We’ve made contacts with a number of potential customers this year at interzum guangzhou, and based on the experience from previous years, we have been able to successfully secure some actual orders post-show, so we have confidence in and are satisfied with the results of interzum guangzhou. Many of our most important customers were acquainted with us through interzum guangzhou. I think the organizer is doing a better job at promoting interzum guangzhou now. It is the only furniture production trade fair in China that we exhibit at, and also one of our most important events worldwide.”

    Ms. Amanda Sun
    Sales & Marketing Assistant
    Robatech (China) Co.,Ltd.

    “This is our first participation at interzum guangzhou. Our products - packaging film for sofas and mattresses - are rather special, and there are not many similar exhibitors at interzum guangzhou. However, part of the exhibitors here are also our potential customers. In the past, we mainly participated in packaging trade shows, and this is our first time at a furniture event, so it is a new attempt for us to develop a new market here.”

    Mr. Sky Liang
    Deputy General Manager
    Adler Sewing Machinery Co., Ltd.

    “We have been participating in interzum guangzhou for many years, and our performance at the show has been getting better and better over the past few years. We are very satisfied with the results this year. This year, our booth is located in the new Hall12.1, allowing us to have plenty of room to showcase our machinery and assembly lines, which has helped us to attract a lot of customers. At the same time, there is much lesser noise here compared with the original machinery hall, so we are able to communicate better with our customers. We will always continue to support interzum guangzhou because I have full confidence in this platform.”

  • Materials and Equipment for Interior Design

    Mr. H. Haluk Bybek
    Export Manager
    Katastamonu Integrated Forestry Industry and Trade Inc.

    “I am satisfied with interzum guangzhou this year. Over the first two days, we have collected a lot of contacts, not only from China, but also from other neighboring countries. At the moment, this is the only show we participate in China, and we do not plan to take part in similar fairs in other Chinese cities. I have been to interzum Cologne before, and why we have chosen to be here is because of the “interzum” brand name, which this is very important for us.”

    Mr. Sandip Kanwar
    Assistant General Manager of International Marketing
    Stylam Industries Ltd.

    “This is my second time here at interzum guangzhou. Generally, this exhibition is good, judging by its management and services. I have taken part in interzum Cologne for the last ten years, so I have confidence in the ‘interzum’ brand and have followed it to Guangzhou. interzum guangzhou is the only furniture production fair we participate in China, and I think it is a good platform for international communication.”

    Mr. Fatih Huseyin Yucel
    Export Manager
    cpi Tegus

    “It is my first time to interzum guangzhou and also my first journey to China. Most of my customers also told me that they will come to visit interzum guangzhou besides interzum Cologne, and it is the best show in China, leading to my coming here. The real problem is, our booth is not big enough. There was no other choice left when we selected our booth because spaces here were sold out so quickly. ”

    Sales Manager

    ”(On behalf of Mr. Joao Barros) As a newcomer at interzum guangzhou, my evaluation for this exhibition is positive. On the whole, we have met plenty of customers in the first two days. We have received not only our existing customers here, but also got so many new name cards. We hope to expand our market in Asia, so interzum guangzhou is the first fair we have exhibited at in China. We have confidence in this fair.”

    Mr. Swapnil S. Borkar
    Export Manager

    “It is our first time to interzum guangzhou, and is also my first visit to China. Overall, there are many visitors here. We have no problems about the service and other facility arrangements here. After all, this is the biggest furniture production show in China.”

    Ms. He Wanzhi
    Marketing Manager
    Guangdong Tianan New Material Co., Ltd.

    “As sponsor of the souvenir redemption program this year, we believe that this investment is very worthwhile. More visitors came to our booth after redeeming the souvenir printed with our brand logo and booth number.”

  • Woodworking Machinery, Tools and Other Machinery

    Mr. Peter Jacobsen
    Manager Director
    Blue-vent Pte Ltd.

    “This is not my first time participating in interzum guangzhou, and, as usual, it has not let me down this year. Besides interzum guangzhou, I have also taken part in other shows in China as China is our biggest market now– 75% of our business is here. When we consider attending a show, what comes first is its awareness and how many of our target customers would come. From my viewpoint, interzum guangzhou is a good choice. ”

    Mr. James Wong
    Wood-Mizer Asia Pte Ltd.

    “I found the volume of visitors was much better than last year. Visitors at interzum guangzhou are more international.”

    Mr. Pierangelo Borroni
    Marketing Department
    ACIMALL (Italy’s national woodworking machinery and tools manufacturers’ association)

    “It is the first time that we’ve come to interzum guangzhou, and the results of the show this year has been positive. This year, we are in cooperation with IDA – the Italian Trade Commission, dedicated to promote the awareness of Italian production abroad. We believe that we will bring more next year because we think the whole industry will be interested in this exhibition. So far, we have received many contacts of potential customers. As for the service provided here, I think everything is good. I am also pleased with the construction of our booth, which has helped our association to be more easily recognized and remembered.”

    Ms. Elena Kan
    General Manager Assistant
    ELGO (Wuxi) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    “interzum guangzhou this year is huge. Our participation is better year after year。Our potential customers are mainly concentrated in the southern region, so being here has an apparent geographical advantage. We have also participated in another exhibition in Shanghai, and in contrast, the show is smaller there, with visitors mainly from northern China and of poorer quality. In addition, the facilities and exhibitor numbers there are not as impressive as interzum guangzhou. Based on our understanding, customers in North China are more price sensitive than those in the South, and as our products have a higher-end positioning, interzum guangzhou is more suitable for us.”

    Mr. Richard Zou
    Sales & Marketing Director
    Leitz Tooling System (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.

    “I am pleased with this year's interzum guangzhouas many of our customers have come over.Th e overall onsite planning of interzum guangzhou is very professionally executed, with excellent crowd control and clear signage.”

    Mr. Giovanni Casadei
    General Manager

    “interzum guangzhou is an international exhibition aiming at not only the China market but also the whole of Asia. There are more visitors from abroad this year. At the same time, we have also invited more than 50 customers from Malaysia, Australia and India to be here. Compared with similar fairs in Shanghai and Beijing, the biggest difference is that the attendees here are much more professional. Surely interzum guangzhou is the most important one, and nearly all the customers in the industry will come to visit this show every year. And we will keep coming.”