Guangzhou, China 28.-31. 03. 2025

2014 Exhibitor Testimonials

  • Hardware, Components and Fitting

    Titus Furniture Fitting Trading (Shenzhen) Ltd
    Mr. Dale L. Birkland
    Sales Director

    "We have had good response with the quality of customers, so we are really satisfied. interzum guangzhou is the only furniture fair we participate in in China. The interzum brand has a good reputation in Europe."

    Chuncheng Holding Group
    Mr. Wu Liyou
    Regional Manager
    "This is our first time exhibiting in the international hall. Generally, the services provided at interzum guangzhou are a lot better than those in other domestic events of the same kind. We wish to participate again next year."

    A & D Jasmine International Co., Ltd
    Ms. Lynn Tsai
    Project Manager

    "We’ve participated in interzum guangzhou three or four times and brought with us our top selling and latest products. There are more Southeast Asian customers and we’ve also seen some from Africa. Overall, we are very satisfied."

    CNSC Fortune Hardware Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Han Lei
    General Manager
    Mr. Li Peng
    Furniture Channel Manager

    "We target primarily the domestic market, and have also participated in some of the other domestic exhibitions of the same kind, but interzum guangzhou feels like a more focused brand with higher quality and interest level."

  • Wood Products and Adhesives

    American Hardwood Export Council
    Mr. John Chan
    Regional Director

    "We are very satisfied with the number of visitors. This year, we’ve brought 25 companies to exhibit and we are likely to bring more next year. In my opinion, CIFM / interzum guangzhou is the best event of its kind with very high quality visitors. The trade fair has also done well in terms of publicity. In the coming years, we’ll be making persistent efforts to continue our participation. As an association, we hope to promote the diversity, various species and grades of American hardwood products through trade shows. We believe interzum guangzhou is an excellent platform in China to promote wood products and very helpful for improving the quality of our member companies’ customers."

    Henkel (China) Company Limited
    Ms. Maple Li
    Marketing Manager AI China & Hongkong

    "interzum guangzhou has high industry recognition with major customers from the fields of equipment and materials visiting and procuring at the show every year as well as understanding recent industry trends. Our main participation objectives are to enhance our influence, learn more about the industry and identify more potential customers, and interzum guangzhou is able to meet our needs in these three areas. In addition, being held concurrently with the China International Furniture Fair has also brought us convenience."

    Canada Wood
    Mr. Jeff Li
    Project Director-China

    "There is a lot more visitor traffic this year as compared to two years ago. The biggest advantage of interzum guangzhou is its excellent location with the region’s strong re-processing and construction industries. Koelnmesse has done a good job in organizing interzum guangzhou."

    Primewood Lumber Inc.
    Mr. Jean-Jacques (J-J) Bourbeau

    "interzum guangzhou is very well organized. I’ve met many old friends I used to know as well as many new faces, which is really perfect. It’s a mixture of my own customers and new potential ones. For us, the brand of the show is important. We believe in interzum."

    Swedish Wood
    Mr. Wang Ying

    "This is our first participation in interzum guangzhou, and is also the only furniture-related event in South China we exhibit at. In addition to our own exhibition booth, we’ve also applied for a special display area, showcasing the works of a design competition that we co-hosted with the Shanghai Jiaotong University, which has also played a role in our promotion. All in all, the show is good. The service of the organizers is very professional. On top of that, holding interzum guangzhou at the same time as the China International Furniture Fair has also played a part in promoting the event."

    Sefox Adhesives
    Mr. Semih Fatih KIZILTAN
    Overseas Sales Team Leader

    "We are happy with the result this year. There are lots of real customers. We are promoting our latest products here, and will focus on interzum guangzhou for international customers."

    Saegewerk Hartmann GmbH
    Ms. Carla Wang
    Chief Representative for Asia

    "This is our first time participating as an exhibitor in interzum guangzhou and I came here before as a visitor for three years. I’ve noticed many changes in the show in these three years. In the past, machinery exhibitors were dominant but now there are a number of wood exhibitors. The organizers did well in terms of publicity, attracting visitors from around the world, especially from South Africa and Malaysia. We’ve discovered a lot of potential customers. We will definitely continue to participate next year."

    EXOR Trading GmbH
    Mr. Fritz Fehrensen

    "The professional German organizer services here make it easier for us to do business. All in all, this exhibition is well organized."

  • Materials and Equipment for Upholstery and Bedding

    Deslee Clama
    Ms. Liselotte Debaere
    Concept Developer, Innovation & Design Center

    "We have a lot of visitors coming these few days, especially for fabrics, so our meetings are very focused. I am really glad to see that most of them are real customers, and a lot of business has already happened. This is the first time we are here after so many years, and we are pretty satisfied. The services provided at interzum guangzhou are quite good. We want to be here again for sure."

    Gentherm Incorporated Ms. Elena Li Office Manager"This is our fourth year participating in interzum guangzhou and it is mainly because of interzum guangzhou’s relatively large scale with a lot of accessory manufacturers, in line with our product positioning. This year, we’ve brought with us the latest cooling and heating technology for mattresses, sofas and other household items. It is already launched in the United States and we will soon bring it to the Chinese market."

    Tietex Asia Ltd.
    Ms. Stella Shih
    Sales & Export Manager

    "We have participated in interzum guangzhou many times and we are basically at the same booth location every year. For similar events, we have only taken part in interzum cologne and interzum guangzhou. This year's exhibition has been very smooth, and the onsite staffs are very helpful. Overall, we feel very good about it."

    Artilat NV
    Mr. Patrick Jakob
    International Sales Executive

    "It is my first time to Guangzhou and to China. We’ve met so many customers whom we only knew from e-mail, but have never met. The show is international. I hope to participate again next year. We know there are so many furniture-related shows in China, but at this moment, this is the best fair for us. "

    Richard Pieris Natural Foams Limited
    Mr. Adrian Bogahaw
    Sales & Marketing Manager

    "We have participated in interzum cologne for six or seven times and so we know interzum. This is the first time we come to China because we want to grow in China. We know most of our customers will come to the show. We want to meet our old customers and also extend to the new potential customers, so we choose interzum guangzhou as our first platform to promote in China."

    Lion Rock Group Holdings Limited
    Ms. Joy Lee
    Business Development Manager

    "This is the first time we are exhibiting at the international hall and the results have been much better in terms of visitor traffic and quality, with 50% more visitors than previous years from Southeast Asia, Korea and other regions alone. interzum guangzhou is also very professional featuring distinct product areas in the halls, which is very useful for visitors. We have submitted the booth application form for the next edition and hope to continue to participate in interzum guangzhou in future."

    Aydin Tekstil Ticaret ve Pazarlama A.S.
    Mr. Taha Hasan KARBACAK
    Regional Sales Director
    NOVA Sunger ve Yatak Sanayi A.S.
    Mr. Mustafa Taka
    Member of the Board

    "We were in interzum cologne before. We heard from some affiliated companies that they’ve gotten good results from interzum guangzhou, so here we are. We are very delighted to participate in interzum guangzhou, and intend to attend every year. This is the first time we exhibit here. We have met a lot of new customers, not only from China, but also from other parts of the world, like Asia and Europe. We want to retain the China market, and the response from the Chinese customers has been good."

    Durak Textile (Changxing) Co. Ltd.
    Mr. Gary Fu
    Area Sales Manager

    "This is our second interzum guangzhou participation and it’s better than last year. This year, we’ve received nearly 120 customers with foreign customers growing by 30% and an increase in domestic customers as well. Last year, we received relatively small customers, and this year we see more large enterprises from Guangdong coming to visit and purchase. I am very satisfied with this year's results."

  • Materials and Equipment for Interior Design

    REHAU Polymers (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Nils Wagner
    Chairman Rehau, Greater China

    "We regard interzum guangzhou as a significant event, and we want to focus our resources on one show to promote our latest products and technology, that’s the reason why we only choose to participate here among all the furniture production related fairs in Asia. We believe in the interzum brand and have been cooperating with Koelnmesse for over 20 years, so have many of our friends. So when interzum came to Guangzhou, we came here as well. We will stick to it in the years to come. The show is international with not only Chinese visitors but also those from other Asian countries. We are satisfied with the show. It is a good platform for us to introduce our latest products."

    ICA SpA
    Mr. Gianni Vergani
    Sales Manager, Asia

    "This is my first time to interzum guangzhou and I am pretty satisfied with the visitor numbers. We knew the name of interzum cologne and trust the brand, so we’ve come to interzum guangzhou to explore our business in China. Actually we have participated in other furniture-related exhibitions in China before, but were not satisfied with them. We have brought our latest high-tech products this year, and do regard interzum guangzhou as a good platform to promote our latest products in China."

    Pfleiderer Holzwerkstoffe GmbH
    Mr. Xu Jianzhong
    Key Account Manager

    "We have been participating in interzum guangzhou every year. Our main aim is to develop the China market, so we have participated in a number of similar exhibitions before but interzum guangzhou is the largest one and internationally renowned."

    Shenzhen Touch Industry Co.,Ltd.
    Ms. Jessica Qiu
    Overseas Division

    "This year is the first time we participate in interzum guangzhou. We have been exhibiting at interzum cologne and feel very good about it, so because of the interzum brand, we’ve come to Guangzhou. There are many visitors from Southeast Asia this year, but what surprises us most is that there are also a lot from Japan, Korea and Africa. Our main participation objectives are brand promotion and to gain publicity, and of course, to be able to close deals. interzum guangzhou is a very good platform. We mainly participate in trade fairs abroad and feel that the level of interzum guangzhou is equivalent to those."

    Agt Agac San. Ve Tic. A.S.
    Mr. Kivanc Sarmasik
    Export Sales Executive

    "This is the first time for us to come to both Guangzhou and China. This show is really international. Customers are from all over the world. We even have some visitors from South Africa, and we met some old customers from Europe. We are displaying our latest products here. The organization of this show is very good."

    Grupo Alvic Fr. Mobiliario S. L.
    Mr. Miquel Rifa Bofill
    Area Sales Manager

    "interzum guangzhou is our first platform in China to promote our latest products."

  • Woodworking Machinery, Tools and Other Machinery

    IMA (Changzhou) Int’l Trading Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Hans J. Ferchland
    Managing Director

    "interzum guangzhou is the only exhibition we participate in in China. The location here is really important for us as 70% of our customers are from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan."

    Masterwood Spa
    Mr. Sandro Lancerotto
    Area Manager

    "interzum guangzhou has made big improvements this year compared to many years ago. We choose interzum guangzhou because it’s the most famous trade fair of its kind."

    ARMINIUS-Schleifmittel GmbH
    Mr. Manfred Brinkmann
    Company Owner

    "This is the first year we participate in interzum guangzhou. I came to the same show one year ago [as a visitor]. This year, we are exhibiting with the German Pavilion. So far, we feel good about the show and are satisfied with the quantity and quality of the customers.There are so many similar shows in China now, but interzum guangzhou is the main fair for us."

    Duerkopp Adler AG
    Mr. Heiko Ultes
    Product Management

    "This year, I see a majority of overseas buyers. We are happy about the quality of buyers, as most of them are real customers. The location (Guangzhou) is really great, many companies in Asia from the furniture business exhibit or visit here and interzum guangzhou is getting more and more important. These are the main reasons why we choose interzum guangzhou. It is the only fair we participate in among all the furniture fairs in China."

    Adler Sewing Machinery Co.,Ltd.
    Mr. Sky Liang
    Director, Sales Department

    "This year's interzum guangzhou is generally good and we have received about 100 professional buyers daily. We have been participating in interzum guangzhou for seven or eight consecutive years and have gotten even better results this year than in previous years. We have a large product portfolio and participate in many different exhibitions annually but they are not as professional and large scale in comparison."

    Pfaff Industrial Hongkong Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Jimmy Y.K. Pau
    Managing Director

    "This year's visitor traffic is good, almost the same as last year with more buyers from Southeast Asia. Currently, interzum guangzhou is the only furniture-related exhibition we participate in. All along, interzum guangzhou’s management and services have been very good, and the organizer is very professional. Overall, we are very satisfied with the trade fair and will continue to support interzum guangzhou."

    MIRKA Trading(Shanghai)Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Jerry Fang
    Sales Manager
    "This is our second year at interzum guangzhou. We chose to come here due to Guangzhou’s superior geographical location and the large scale of the event, which attracts high quality visitors from all over the world. interzum guangzhou has been very popular over the years while visitor traffic at trade fairs in Shanghai and Beijing are both decreasing these few years, with not many effective customers. The show has been oversubscribed for years so we get less space than our applied area in the end. Overall, the show is pretty good. Next year we will be participating again, hoping to get a bigger booth."

    GreCon GmbH China
    Mr. Shi Wencai
    Regional Manager

    "Basically, we participate in interzum guangzhou every year. This year is better than the last and most of the visitors are our target customers."

    Paolino Bacci
    Mr. Nino Bacci
    Asia Sales Manager

    "This is the ninth year we’ve participated in interzum guangzhou and next year will be the tenth. It is a long time. This year, there are more visitors than last year. At the moment, for us, China is our most important market. We participate in two furniture-related shows in China and this one is much better. As for me, when considering if to participate in a show, I have to see what companies are participating. If I see many manufacturers and competitors, it means the fair is important."

    RIEPE GmbH & Co. KG
    Mr. Francis Brosseau
    Technical Sales Manager

    "Customer numbers this year is really amazing. We never thought we can have so many customers, it’s pretty good. interzum guangzhou is the biggest and the most important event we participate in in China. We care much about the visitors and we want to keep contact with our customers. The show is really clean and professional and service is good. When we came here, everything was ready. Next year, I want to be here again."

    Leuco Precision Tooling (Taicang) Co., Ltd.
    Mrs. Wang Dan
    Assistant to General Manager & Marketing Executive

    "We selected interzum guangzhou mainly because there are more customers for flooring, and furniture here. The other reason is that our partners are also exhibiting here and our products are complementary."