Guangzhou, China 28.-31. 03. 2025

2019 Exhibitor Testimonials

  • Hardware, Components and Fittings

    Gee Bridge International INC
    Ms. Dora Shih
    Sales Manager
    “This is our first time exhibiting at interzum guangzhou. The crowd was very good on the first day with most of the visitors from the industry, mainly furniture manufacturers. Custom furniture is very popular now, and many of the enquiries we’ve received are from related businesses. We trust the “interzum” brand, knowing that many customers from abroad will visit. This is a very good experience, which allows us to get a lot of industry information and generate more ideas. We plan to continue exhibiting next year.”

    Freitas Irmaos LDA.
    Mr. Philippe Jolly
    Managing Director

    “The show was very busy on the first two days. We’ve made a lot of contacts and are really grateful for that. We are looking for agents, architects, designers and maybe furniture manufacturers. This is our first time introducing our technology to the China market, and this is the biggest furniture production fair in Asia. Everything is great.”

    Samet Kalip ve Madeu Esya Saniyi ve Ticare A.S.
    Mr. Burak Ozmenekse
    Sales Vice President

    “The China market is promising but we don’t know this market yet, so we’ve brought our new product to showcase here this year. I’m pleased that my product has been selected as one of the top 20 outstanding furniture accessories and is displayed at the special showcase area. We’ll likely be back next year.”

  • Wood Products and Adhesives

    Aica Asia Pacific Holding Pte Ltd
    Mr. Jeffery Tan
    General Manager
    “There is a considerable amount of foot traffic, and we’ve met with a lot of our customers here, mainly domestic ones. Our goal of letting more people know about our product has been met at the show.”

    I-PAN SpA / Bonzano Group
    Ms. Katherine Zhong
    Sales Manager

    “This is our first participation in China, and we’ve collected a lot of leads. We choose interzum guangzhou mainly because interzum Cologne is extremely renowned in Europe. Most of the visitors are from China, and we are pleasantly surprised that a good number of the buyers are from countries such as Russia, Iran, the UAE and Malaysia.”

    Fritz Egger Business Consulting CO. Ltd
    Ms. Ella Xia
    Marketing Project Manager

    “The footfall is extremely high and we’ve met with numerous target customers. Custom furniture is a trend that the industry can't ignore, and it is an especially good opportunity for Egger. The concept of having a dedicated custom furniture supplier zone is excellent, and in line with market trends.”

    Henkel Investment Co. Ltd
    Ms. Irene Pan
    Marketing Communication Manger, Aisa Pacific

    “We are old exhibitors, and our participation experience is as good as ever. Furniture and building materials are our most important businesses, so we will always participate in interzum guangzhou. Our booth was swarmed by visitors and we met many target customers from the Asia Pacific region. We also took part in the business matching event held by the organizers this year, and have gotten excellent results.”

    Henkel Investment Co. Ltd
    Mr. Fangxian Wang
    Business Development Manager

    “The business matching hosted by the organizers allows us to be paired directly with VIP buyers, which is very beneficial to both exhibitors and buyers, and have generated very positive outcomes. I am particularly pleased with the quality of the visitors. There are many furniture-related exhibitions in China, and we have also done comparisons. It seems to us that interzum guangzhou is more popular.”

  • Materials for Upholstery and Bedding

    Green Latex Co. Ltd
    Ms. Nokky
    Export Sales

    “There were a lot of international buyers on the first day of the exhibition, and many of them were interested in our products. I am not exhibiting in China for the first time, and the buyers at interzum guangzhou are of higher quality compared to other shows in China. Most of the visitors are middle and high-level managers and have the power to make purchasing decisions. We will continue to participate next year.”

    Boyteks Tekstil San. Ve Tic. A.S.
    Mr. Adyin AYDIN
    Corporate Communicaitin & Brand Coordinator

    “As a regular exhibitor, I think the number and quality of visitors this year is better than 2018. I am really satisfied with the results. Our business covers more than 100 countries and regions, and over here, we are meeting more Chinese producers. The textile industry around the world has grown at a very fast rate and it is still expected to grow at a constant 10%. It will be better in the next five or ten years. The show is well organized, and that’s good for us.”

    Bodet & Horst Textiles (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.
    Ms. Erine Ou
    General Manager

    “This year, we met many old customers, mainly from Southeast Asia. At the same time, we’ve also been approached by many new customers, such as buyers from Russia. The services offered by the organizer are excellent. After so many years of cooperation with interzum guangzhou, we have great trust in the organizer and will not consider participating in other domestic exhibitions of the same kind for the time being.”

    Ersan Madeni Esya Saniyi VE Ticaret A.S.
    Mr. Mesut Yalniz
    Sales & Operations

    “I am new here at interzum guangzhou and have to say I will not attend any other exhibitions in China. I will stay with interzum guangzhou, as it’s enough for me. My target visitors whom I’ve also met at the show are mostly from Australia, New Zealand, South America, the Middle East, Thailand and Vietnam. All in all, I spoke with around 50 visitors.”

  • Machinery & Equipment for Upholstery & Bedding

    Laser Compo Sdn. Bhd
    Mr. KC Ho
    General Manager

    “We’ve been visiting interzum guangzhou for the past six years, and this is our first time exhibiting. Our target customers are mainly buyers from Europe and the United States. We choose interzum guangzhou because of the visitor crowd it draws, especially overseas buyers, and high degree of internationalization. I am very satisfied with all aspects of the show organization.”

  • Materials and Equipment for Interior Design

    Krono System-Eurocomponenti
    Cabriel Yim
    Asia Representative

    “Our target customers are small businesses and we’ve made some good contacts at the show. As this is our first time exhibiting in China, we hope to understand the market first. We are also hoping to reach out to good designers here to create higher-end furniture with our products.”

    Newdell Co. LTD
    Yong S.Choi

    “In general, I like interzum guangzhou. Now, I know the demand of my products in China, so I see the potential and believe it’s also a good opportunity to let the market learn about our company and products. I choose interzum guangzhou to debut in China because I know how good it is. Besides, the demand for my products in China is overwhelming, and I’ve already decided to participate again next year.”

    Impress Surfaces GmbH
    Dietmar Schulze
    Director Project CHINA

    “As an exhibitor, I am new to interzum guangzhou, but as a visitor, I have been coming here for about ten years. interzum is one of the most famous exhibitions for furniture materials in the world. In China, we only focus on interzum guangzhou and will not consider attending other exhibitions.”

    Ms. Cathy Chan
    China Agent Director

    “This is our first time exhibiting at interzum guangzhou, but we have been here before as a visitor. We first exhibited at interzum Cologne, and when we had plans to develop the China market, we immediately thought of interzum guangzhou. We’ve met many potential customers over the past few days. This year, we’ve also brought in our new technology, which was also selected for this year's 20 PLUS 20 annual list. Currently, we are paying close attention to customization trends. Domestic consumers tend to emphasize more on colors and textures, but we are mainly inclined towards wood panel technology, so the needs of Chinese customers remain to be seen. We find the business matching especially useful for us to interact face-to-face with customers.”

    Aluminium Feron GmnH & CO.KG
    Mr. Frank Stoffels
    Sales Manager

    “Our target customers are manufacturers and aluminium suppliers. The number of visitors is more than we ever expected. We were shocked when we saw so many visitors on the first day of the show. By the second day, I was out of business cards. Now, I have 50 WeChat friends who are potential customers. It’s perfect. With so many potential customers at interzum guangzhou, we are sure to come back next year.”

    Mr. Kubilay Coskun
    Export Manager

    “This is my second time participating in interzum guangzhou. Compared with 2018, there are more people, a higher level of interest, and an even more professional event this year. I’ve brought along our new products - ACRYLIC COLORS, and am looking for importers and furniture manufacturers.”

  • Woodworking Machinery, Tools and Other Machinery

    MA.CO.2L SRL
    Sebastiano Filipozzi
    Sales Manager

    “There are more visitors than I expected and they are of good quality. We are looking for dealers from Australia and South Africa, and usually attend similar fairs in Beijing and Shanghai, but I think interzum guangzhou is the best window to showcase our products.”

    Timesavers (China) International Co. Ltd
    Mr. Victor Qian
    China Chief Respresentative

    “This is the first time we exhibit at interzum guangzhou. I am delighted to see so many visitors and most of them are trade buyers. In China, we’ve also participated in another exhibition in Shanghai, but interzum guangzhou is superior in both visitor traffic and scale.”

    Agfa Imaging (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
    Mr. Yujun Ge
    General Manager

    “This is our first time at interzum guangzhou to open up the Asian market. We were introduced to interzum in Cologne by our headquarters in Europe and subsequently learned about its reputation. This is a great platform for rookies like us.”