Guangzhou, China 28.-31. 03. 2025

2017 Visitor Testimonials

  • Mr. Anthony Smith
    Insignia Manufacturing Ltd.

    "I've made some good new contacts and also maintained some old ones. We may exhibit here next year as it seems that we can get really good results here. It's really a good show for business."

    Mr. Martin Chen
    Fuma Decorative Material Co., Ltd.

    "I am visiting interzum guangzhou for the first time. This visit has prompted us to revise our product planning for 2017. In addition to visiting some existing customers, I also met some new ones and have gotten a better understanding of the domestic market. I participated in a number of onsite activities, such as the seminars, which were great. I’ve been to trade fairs both abroad and in China, such as IndiaWood and furniture fairs in Shanghai. In comparison, I think interzum guangzhou is the best one in Asia. There is a comprehensive range of exhibitors attracting tons of domestic and foreign manufacturers and traders to exhibit and visit. At the same time, what attracts me to visit interzum guangzhou is because the furniture industry in Guangzhou is among the best in China, and it is also close to trade and financial center, Hong Kong."

    Mr. Deng Jinxiong
    Purchasing Director
    Maochang Decorative Hardware Co., Ltd.

    “This is my first visit to interzum guangzhou with the main purpose of finding suppliers, It’s been quite fruitful for me as I’ve found about 8 suppliers and learned about this year's new product technologies as well as development trends. I like the PIAZZA lounge where we can take a break in the course of the visit. The special feature display is also well done and I look forward to such activities in the next edition. Compared with other domestic exhibitions, interzum guangzhou is definitely more professional, and widely participated by the industry. Exhibitors are also high quality; I will visit again next year.“

    Mr. Alex Du
    Import Manager
    Shouguang Euro-China Hardwood Company

    “This is my second visit to interzum guangzhou. We are in the timber business and this visit is to find better suppliers, especially from Eastern Europe, develop our business and optimize our procurement. We also visit our old customers to strengthen our relations. The PIAZZA lounge is a fantastic resting area for our tired legs.“

    Ms. Danny Lu
    Merchandise Manager
    Standard Fiber

    “This is my 14th year visiting interzum guangzhou. There are numerous suppliers here both from home and abroad, giving us a lot of choices. The entire industry from upstream to downstream is here and the event definitely meets my expectations. It has been a highly productive trip as I’ve found a few textile suppliers. interzum guangzhou has a long history and good reputation with exhibitors from around the world. Big brands account for a large proportion of the total number of exhibitors, and in turn drawing strong participation from other supporting enterprises. “