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2019-2020 Annual List Finalists

2019-2020 Annual List Finalists

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Product Description:LUXE – ZENIT - SYNCRON


CIFM / guangzhou-interzum
Exhibitor:Aydın Mensucat San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.
Product Description:THERMO SWITCH

Touch and Feel Different!
Technology that controls your body temperature: Termo Switch!

Keep your body temperature under control with this liquid crystal technology, which has thermal color that changes in response to your body heat!
Developed at the Aydın R&D center, the Termo Switch technology detects overheated body parts on mattress ticking with its efficiently developed fabric structure and thermal technology. Offering a variety of beneficial interactive qualities, Termo Switch mattress ticking helps let the heat out with its improved heat management system. Velvety soft, durable and non-bacterial, Termo Switch is designed with germanium quality and helps you breathe deeply by improving the rejuvenation of your body during sleep.
• Breathable fabric
• Changes color with body temperature

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Exhibitor:BAI FU CO., LTD.

The non-battery invisible wood lock suitable for metal mechanism enhance the security level. Also combine beauty and fashion. There is wireless power

transmitter eliminates using any battery which is more environmental protection. Moreover, it is easy installation for different orientations.
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Exhibitor:BC Tech d.o.o.
Product Description:Biocrystal® Mixture

Biocrystal® mixture is a trade name for a crystal blend made of 16 different types of 100% natural crystals. Developed by experts, relying only to natural resources

Biocrystal® Mixture is enriched with threads of gold and silver and is scientifically tested and proven to work.
Applied through wide range of end-products Biocrystal® Mixture brings an active treatment for the end-user with strong influence towards improving body energy flow.
Grinded to an appropriate size depending on the end product, Biocrystal® Mixture is intended for implementation into a wide range of products from many industries: textile, bedding, furniture, automotive industry. With its properties, Biocrystal® innovation brings an active treatment to their products and solve a desperate search of their customers for more and more energy.
Biocrystal® particles size / implementation possibilities:
• SIZE 0,1 - 0,4mm:foam, bedding, furniture
• SIZE 3µ: foam, thread, textile
• SIZE<1µ: fiber, yarn
RESEARCH - A decade of research discovered highly effective formula for Biocrystal® Mixture that contains specific quantity and ratio of crystals, able to achieve the maximum energy effect.
Efficiency of Biocrystal® mixture is constantly tested and confirmed with scientific clinical testing provided by institutes, and tests done by doctors from various fields of medicine.
Affecting to the movement of energy through the body, Biocrystal® technology creates unique and distinctive significant benefits:
• improved body energy flow
• reduced level of stress
• reduced fatigue
• efficient sleep
Numerous products with Biocrystal® implemented inside meet the criteria required to obtain the Certificate of energy influence on human organism, issued by the Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and new biology (BION, Slovenia).
CONCLUSION - Given all the characteristics, Biocrystal® Mixture is a trend setter product, which directs the future development of industries turning to active treatment approach, to provide well-being effect to their customers.
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Product Description:BENTONITE

Bentonite is a type of clay formed by the chemical decomposition of volcanic ash, tuff and lava. The ashes spewed out of volcanoes and thrown into seas as

a result of intense volcanic activities. They were slowly exposed to transformation and formed bentonite. It’s used as detoxification material because of its ability to remove toxic substances from the body.
Bentonite, one of the renowned and best detox agent, is used for the development of this ticking. It provides detox effect during sleep. Bentonite diminishes the effect by entrapping the harmful toxins found on the environment thanks to its polar gravitational force. Thus, ensures in-vitro detox effect. It has also a detox effect on the body by removing toxins from the body surface.
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Exhibitor:Domus Line Srl
Product Description:LINEO

LINEO is an architectural luminaire with an innovative design that has joined the Domus Line collection for under-cabinet and under-shelf surface installation against the wall.

Thanks to the essential lines of its illuminating body, characterized by a peripheral light source with a diffuser measuring just 4 mm wide, LINEO is a minimal product that stands out from all the other surface lighting panels.
The 64-LED linear circuit with SMD technology, available in natural white and warm white, ensures a uniform light effect on the work surface and a no-dot effect light diffusion.
Its thin profile, just 10 mm slim, makes LINEO a versatile and non-invasive luminaire, suited to many different applications: under cabinets in the kitchen or under shelves in the living room or even inside walk-in closets.
LINEO is also quick and easy to install: with the retractable bracket on the back of the illuminating body and the radial rear power cable, it blends perfectly with the furniture design, enhancing the lines and finishes with a harmoniously symmetrical light beam.
Available in aluminium, steel and touch black finishes, LINEO is also configured with master dimmer touch sensor which switches on and off and dims the light of each single luminaire and of all the luminaries connected to it.
Size: 186 x 67 x 10 mm
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Exhibitor:Italiana Ferramenta
Product Description:Kiaro Led

Kiaro is an opening system for drop down doors with a concealed mechanism which allows to adjust the settings depending on door weight and dimension, thus enabling to manage a wide range of doors with only one reference.

As it is a two-handed mechanism, it can be installed both on right and left side. A high resistance technical wire grants a significant loading capacity together with minimal shapes and elegant design. Available in two finishes which respond to the current overriding trends in the furniture appliances industry. It is conceived to be installed with integrated led lighting.
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Product Description:Aluminum Folding over The Door Hook

Aluminum over the door folding hook for 18mm door thickness.

Single Hook flips down into a valet-style hook to fit multiple hangers when needed.
This over door folding hook has Aluminum construction and Anodized finish.
This over door folding hook has 3 storage slots can hold clothes hanger ,towel, and others
CIFM / guangzhou-interzum
Product Description:RF Wireless Sensor for LED Lighting

1.RF wireless sensor for LED lighting, free of cable and hole drilling
2. smart control(door sensor and touch dimmer) of your furniture lighting at ease!
3. Up to 60W(12V)&120W(24V) LED lighting connection.

CIFM / guangzhou-interzum
Product Description:Rotating Hanger Rack

(1) Infinity Symbol Designed Rack (2) Rack is fully flattened against wall when not in use, so takes no extra space. (3) Good for home, office and hotel storage.

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Exhibitor:Henkel (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
Product Description:TECHNOMELT PUR 270/7S

Henkel’s innovative product TECHNOMELT PUR 270/7S meets the growing demands of edge banding from our end-customers.

With its excellent initial tack, slow curing speed and zero bond line, TECHNOMELT PUR 270/7S avoids frequent tank cleaning which enables easy maintenance, allows it become the right choice where high-quality edge banding is of essential importance. Meanwhile, thanks to its high bond strength and low viscosity, TECHNOMELT PUR 270/7S can also be used at a low application weight and low operation temperature, helping our customers to stay cost competitive.
Product advantage:
• Slow curing speed allows less maintaining and downtime for cleaning
• High initial tack
• Zero bond line can be achieved & outstanding appearance
• Very clean visual appearance
• Low viscosity
• Can be used on a wide variety of substrates, e.g. wood, metal and WPC
• With excellent characteristics for roll and spatula applications
• High-quality formulations allow highest heat, cold and moisture resistance
• educed adhesive consumption
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Exhibitor:Kronospan(Shanghai)Trade Co., Ltd.
Product Description:Slim Line

Slim Line worktops - Slim Line worktops combine high quality and impact-resistance with outstanding aesthetics. They can be a wonderful addition to any kitchen, bathroom or office space providing the perfect basis for many years.

Ultra-thin and beautiful, our 12 mm slim worktops with a monochrome core, retain the same functional properties as the standard compact interior, while offering additional benefits in terms of application and use.
CIFM / guangzhou-interzum
Exhibitor:LIEN A CO., LTD.

C. Fusion latex provides all of the same benefits as the 100 % natural latex, with added benefits, such as, allowing better micro-climate regulation (sleeps cooler, since it wicks away sweat), fresher (eliminates odors), cleaner (adsorbs body toxins through sweat).

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Product Description:Desk Frame 1

LINAK Desk Frame 1 is a flexible frame solution which enable you build adjustable desk by only 3 steps.

• 3 steps for one-stop-shop
Choose and combine a LINAK Kick & Click™ top frame, a DESKLIFT™ SetPack (containing two lifting columns, a control box, a desk panel and cables) and a set of DESKLIFT™ Feet. All you need to do is add your own tabletop.
• Almost endless options for your customization
It allows you to use most of our DESKLINE product portfolio to create your very own and unique desk with different colors, types of legs and feet, ways to install and other accessories.
• Safety and reliable system
LINAK electric height adjustable system adopts Danish craftsmanship and well combined with ergonomics. LINAK is the only supplier in this market who can guarantee and avoid damage for desks. With advanced anti-collision solution, Plug & Play, PVC-free solutions, LINAK system ensures the easy installation, longer lifetime and helps protect endusers’ health.
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Exhibitor:LS Lighting Equipment (shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Product Description:DOLOMITI

Dolomiti-shelving system, is a track based multi-function system that combines several components and accessories. It comes with a variety of shelves that can be used as glass holder, clothes hanging, shoes storage or either as classic ones. The shelves are equipped with L&S lighting products and are designed to be wire-free.

The system taking advantage from wireless connections allows a very easy installation while giving to the customer the maximum mounting flexibility. It is a perfect solution for the customer to achieve a stunning degree of customization.
CIFM / guangzhou-interzum
Exhibitor:Schattdecor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Product Description:Digital Printing Paper

Over the last 10 years, an increasing demand has developed for a greater variety of decors on the international market. Furthermore, there is a growing trend towards decor customization.

In this context, we offer digital printing that provides individual solutions and are creating new opportunities for our company and the whole industry – fast, flexible, and efficient. We see digital printing as the perfect complement to rotogravure printing.
A variety of colors, material mixes, and large-format patterns –5.00 × 2.25 meters, without duplication – are no longer mere dreams of the future, but are now a reality thanks to industrial“Made by Schattdecor” digital printing. Our range of digitally produced decors is remarkable for its uniqueness, creativity and innovation.
CIFM / guangzhou-interzum
Exhibitor:Sige S.p.a.
Product Description:Dish Rack Drawer

A kitchen furniture solution to hold dishes, characterized by thermoplastic modular bowls that gathers drops and potential remains of moisture.

Frame in galvanized steel painted with epoxy paint, provided with plates rack accessory.
Aesthetically pleasant with linear shapes and small parts well hidden from sight, extremely easy to adjust.
CIFM / guangzhou-interzum
Guangzhou Branch Office
Product Description:OLYMPIA 360 concealed hinge

OLYMPIA is the first concealed hinge ever built with Lapcon technology.

The innovative rotary damper is not only extremely compact, for sleek overall design, its force can also be adjusted to 5 levels for a perfect match regardless of the door size or weight.
The durability of Olympia is more refined. Taking the kitchen and furniture as the object, through 200,000 times of switch test, the product can be used smoothly for a long time.
CIFM / guangzhou-interzum
Exhibitor:SWISS KRONO Group
Product Description:BE.YOND PARTICLE BOARD
Just as nature intended

Safe and sustainable living and building

Because we spend around 90 per cent of our life in buildings, interior spaces have an essential impact on our well-being. This is the reason why ecologically safe materials and a good room climate are just as important as natural daylight and close contact with nature.
Our newly launched BE.YOND products are the most environmentally friendly particle boards available and are produced using next-generation bio-based adhesives that deliver the highest indoor air quality. BE.YOND does not compromise quality and, most importantly, not our safety either – a genuine benefit for people and nature.
BE.YOND is available in our full and extensive range of decorative designs & textures.
CIFM / guangzhou-interzum
Exhibitor:Titus Shenzhen Components Limited
Product Description:Back-To-Back Application

1. Quickfit Tool-Free Insertion For Single or Back To Back Application

2. 9mm sleeve with flange
3. Excellent Expand feature and Consistently strong joint
4. Side Insertion Design For Easy Assemble
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