Guangzhou, China 28.-31. 03. 2023

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2022 Exhibitor Testimonials

  • Hardware, Components and Fittings

    Ms. Mei
    Business Executive for Direct Clients

    “It has been the 9th year since we participated in interzum guangzhou. We have obtained many contacts of potential clients from this exhibition, and also there are some old customers coming to pay us a visit. There are several supporting activities at interzum guangzhou such as forums which have given us many avenues to promote our brands here. Definitely we will recommend interzum guangzhou to our competitors because it is very useful for our competitors to also come to this fair so we can have common growth and further development.”

  • Materials and Components for Interior Works

    Hyundai L & C
    Decor Team Director

    “This is the fourth time that L&C has participated in interzum guangzhou, and we are happy with our experience every time. Our target customers are at this exhibition, and numerous premium brands are here too, so there are many areas for us to learn from each other.”

    Mr. Sun Hao
    Assistant General Manager

    “Basically, we only participate in one exhibition every year, which is interzum guangzhou. This year is our 4th participation, and it’s been good. Although the impact of the pandemic still exists, the event still meets my expectations on the whole.”

    Ms. Cindy
    Marketing Director

    “This is our 2nd year at interzum guangzhou. We’ve seen very positive results and our customer's also raved about the event. Initially, we were concerned if the exhibition will be affected due to the pandemic. But judging from the situation in the past two days, there is not much difference from previous years -- no obvious decrease in footfall. We concluded that it was necessary to participate in the exhibition.”

    Mr. Carlos Lorite
    General Manager

    “We have been participating in interzum guangzhou since 2018 and are already here in interzum guangzhou for four consecutive years. The result this year is really good with so many customers coming by to view our new collection and new booth.”

    Ms. Lijuan Wang
    Product Manager

    “REHAU has been at interzum guangzhou for over a decade. The turnout at the event has exceeded my expectations despite the pandemic with numerous customers visiting our booth. So we are still thrilled by the response. We have also made contact with a good number of target customers interested in our products. We've benefitted immensely from this year's event and have had great discussions with our industry partners which has given us a deeper understanding of market trends. We strongly recommend our industry peers to take part in interzum guangzhou.”

    Dr. Wendong Deng
    Sales Director

    “This is the 12th year Schattdecor has been exhibiting at interzum guangzhou. We are extremely pleased with the results we got at the event and the number of visitors present at the interzum guangzhou. We have also obtained very high quality leads at our booth.”

    Mr. Jerry Zhang
    Business Development Director

    “This is our second year participating in interzum guangzhou and the results have been very positive. I think one of the greatest features of interzum guangzhou is its professionalism with very distinct target groups. It integrates all the resources related to furniture production to span the entire industry value chain. It is a truly professional exhibition.”

    Mr. Spencer Tsang
    General Manager

    “We are more than happy to recommend industry peers especially premium brands to join us at this exhibition.”

  • Pneumatic Components

    Linak China
    Mr. Simon Jenkinson

    “It's always a good opportunity to work with interzum guangzhou. Vitality and sustainability are very important to Linak and we're a very big believer in innovation. So bringing innovation and encouraging sustainability is something that we want to work on as well. It's a good opportunity for us to do that through the VSIL@forums. If you're gonna be in furniture and especially as a component supplier, you should be here!”

  • Materials and Accessories for Upholstery and Bedding

    Mr. Kevin Lin
    General Manager

    “I told my friends that this is an excellent exhibition. Because interzum guangzhou covers the entire industry chain, it is especially great for factories and B2B customer groups. If you have good ideas and good products, you can showcase them here. We are presenting our products for the first time in China, and basically all top domestic brands are here -- this is our biggest gain this time. Through this interzum guangzhou platform, we want to tell domestic brands that we have very unique and excellent products to offer.”

  • Wood Products, Panels and Laminates

    Mr. Bruce Hua
    National Sales & Marketing Director

    “This is Kronospan's 3rd participation in interzum guangzhou and the event is outstanding as usual. The greatest draw of interzum guangzhou is its professionalism and international image with local characteristics. So, we feel that interzum guangzhou is the most professional industry trade fair in the region. We wish to continue our partnership with interzum guangzhou to showcase our brand and products.”

  • Adhesives, Paints and Other Chemical Materials

    Dr. Allen Du
    Managing Director

    “interzum guangzhou has always been an excellent and a widely acclaimed event. KLEIBERIT is a global manufacturer of PUR adhesives and we have always been looking forward to showcase our new products at interzum guangzhou. Compared with other exhibitions of similar nature, interzum guangzhou is more professional with a precise focus on selected customer segments.”

    Mr. Jochen Schanbacher
    General Manager China

    “I really like to participate at interzum guangzhou. It's a great experience and this year is no different. interzum guangzhou has always been a very high quality and very international event. We see a lot of international exhibitors at interzum guangzhou, so we are very excited to also be a part of that here. And we see that the quality, despite all the challenges, has remained extremely high.”

  • Machinery and Auxiliary Machinery for Woodworking and Furniture Production

    IMA Schelling
    Mr. Su Yang
    Project Supervisor

    “This is our 17th year at the show and we are satisfied at how it has turned out for us. We have almost only been participating in this exhibition every year. We participated in a business matching meeting with prospective buyers and felt that it was a very meaningful meeting, because those customers are exactly the ones we have not reached out to."