Guangzhou, China 28.-31. 03. 2023

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CIFM / guangzhou-interzum

Why We Create

“Vitality of Sustainable Innovation to Life” is the theme of CIFM / interzum guangzhou 2022 which reflects the key global furniture design trend in recent years.

Titled "Why We Create", VSIL@Gallery will feature Tan Yexin - founder of Chinese creative platform Helloup - as curator and see her teaming up with three cross-boundary artists of international fame - Dutch young designer Govert Flint, 3D motion designer and leader in the promotion of domestic dynamics studies, Zhemin, and visual artist and creative technologist Raven Kwok – to create experiences which visitors can participate in to spark new perspectives and inspirations:

On “Why”

Why are pencils hexagonal? Why are manhole covers round? And why should I create? When using a keen and fresh perspective to feel and observe yourself, your daily life, and the culture and environment you live in, your design philosophy has already inadvertently taken root in your consciousness. And it is because of this question - this “why” - that spurs the subsequent creation.

On “Create”

Through the design of a piece of furniture, new ways of life and ideals can be created. But famed graphic designer Kenya Hara once expressed that design cannot be driven by the objective that new things must be created. He believed that design is a process that creates lifestyle cultures, and lifestyle cultures is not only about things, but also include daily living habits, etiquette, customs and a series of other dimensions.

Design should offer new possibilities for people from different walks of life so more people can benefit from it, and its value can then be truly brought into play.